1. Snower

    "This fall on Nickelodeon comes a brand new 0 porn show about a sponge who doesn't fuck" i'm dying

  2. Daw

    aren’t you the „road work ahead“ guy?

  3. sister sister

    Me: *sees video* this looks like the perfect instruction manual on how to fit in with the normal human foke... Not that I am in need of assistance with that! Don't the worry! I are have normals!

  4. coconutcore

    “It’s also for seasonal allergies” I’m literally wearing a mask inside my house right now because my parents leave the windows open all the time. You don’t need a space helmet, but wearing anything that filters air does work if you were wondering.

  5. Sonia Fisher

    The strong cry summatively launch because cirrus micrencephaly care midst a handsomely format. dusty, aromatic geometry

  6. Demonique Lewis

    SNL started as a risk taking snap shot of society with extreme musical guests and not ready for prime time comedians. It hasn’t changed that much except it takes less risks.

  7. Green

    The guest knows what he will be asked . Right?

  8. PapaSnake


  9. Nathan Kennedy

    At the store I work at we sell vouri (prounced vee-ori) and people eat it up, pretty much everything we sell is 60$+ so when they look at the vouri stuff they are already expecting it

  10. johnulcer

    I lived through the era of the '90s cast. Nobody ever thought Adam Sandler was one of the best cast members at the time. He got a lot of hate. As a general rule of them people ALWAYS hate the present cast members (because they're replacing people that others grew up watching or had fond memories of), and then look back years later with nostalgia. So that might be happening with Sandler, but in general he's always been kind of a punchline from real comedy fans/critics because a lot of people thought he was childish and not very funny. It wasn't until Punch Drunk Love that critics began to go softer on him. Don't believe me? Go look up Roger Ebert's reviews of everything pre- Punch Drunk and then look at how much more lenient he was on Sandler afterward.

  11. Sour Lemonade

    the toilet paper pyramid got bigger at the end haha

  12. mamojii

    "I missed school"

  13. Nick Hord

    This bitch is soooo obnoxious

  14. European Qoheleth

    5:31 A guy with 666 in his username and behaving badly. Typical internet.

  15. MidNiteBlazer

    This show kind of felt cursed. I watched it in the summer of 2019. Catching up with the characters, Topher Grace doesn't really act in anything anymore. Danny Masterson join Scientology and is being accused of rape, Donna is also a Scientologist. The og girl who played tophers sister died. Tommy Chong went to jsil. And midge just died this year in January... Like it's genuinely sad. If feels like the only ppl who made it out ok were Ashton, mila and Debby.

  16. SW

    One thing that is also dumb is having to actually tip a fifth extra of your bill. Waiters/Servers and other restaurant staff should be paid a proper minimum wage and not rely on tips making up the rest. Just like how it is in other countries. The job shouldn't be singled out as being able to pay employees less because people are likely to be kind back to them sometimes.

  17. Dhan_man 07404

    I rate that drew has Johnny2Cellos recommend to him Talent recognises talent

  18. JustWeirdOut

    Yeah I stole like 60 bucks from my mom's boyfriend when I was 15 so I could buy weed, but I would never steal money to buy v-bucks that's just unholy

  19. todoroki supremacy

    "Oh have YOU never made a mistake before" obviously i have but these mistakes haven't been literally laughing at a dead body and filming it

  20. Nick Hord

    This family is lame af and don't understand why anyone would care about what they're doing. Wtf?

  21. Jonatan Nilsson

    I think ur to nice about this, the very core of gender reveal parties are slightly sexist and transphobic, its sooo dumb, its not even a tradition, its like a new thing.

  22. anonymus channelyeet

    Nice haircut bro

  23. Some Sandman

    The only thing good about SNL was Norm Macdonald.


    I'm actually surprised how much effort was put into this movie.

  25. HardcoreGaming

    still the best commentary video ever made

  26. BillBo Baggins Minecraft

    That intro was literally the Simpsons, it starts off with a small bit, then into to a story, which leads into the main plot.

  27. Fern Fern

    you're SICK with the FLU!!!

  28. P J

    I don’t know about the “indians” living in America but we as an Indian hate her and don’t want to be associated with her. Sorry.

  29. daiselol

    Thats a sick hail the sun hoodie

  30. Pearl S

    Gooby is still more likeable than that Tall Girl.

  31. ValentinoSomething

    overly saturated content of prank videos will get cringey and dangerous over the years but i think that it have always been like that bc it wasn't recorded and posted on the internet

  32. Super Smashbros

    13:56 OMG I LOVE NF 💕

  33. Chioma Ben

    That catfish bit went on for too long and I love it

  34. The smile made me think he was an Indian joker ripoff

  35. nitika verma

    13:06 Drew's face HAHAHAHAHAHA

  36. Basicbro911

    one time my cousins spent 10 dollars on my mom's credit card, but on MY roblox account and i cried about it cause i thought *I* did something wrong-

  37. Timo Wuoma

    Hey guy! Pretty good videos, I've only recently found the channel but just subscribed today as I realised I'd watched about 20 videos in the last few days.

  38. Dax Ennenbach


  39. Stephanie Castro

    Can u do a similar segment regarding mad tv?

  40. jasiel delgado

    Never liked snl or any talk show They’re all super boring and painfully unfunny and “fake” That’s just my opinion though There are standout moments but they’re not worth tuning in I feel you have to know a lot of useless information (trivia) to enjoy it Especially pop culture trivia My brain simply can’t handle pop culture trivia it’s too boring and stupid My brain is like “who gives a shit about this guys name and what he did that one time” I’m not trying to be cool I like plenty of popular things but these are just one of those that I just can’t

    1. HardcoreGaming


  41. Kreme Sauce

    Love the Skyrim music

  42. SomeFamousDude

    Also shit that family looks like they can afford to have their kids spend their money a few times week 😪 meanwhile if me or my siblings spent even just $20 of my parents money we would have been grounded for months and no friends all summer 😂😂 if I spent $200 of my dads he would literally for e me to get a job (even if I was like 13) and work until I pay him back every cent 😂😂😂

  43. SomeFamousDude

    Not a single soul.... The dad: “Playong fortnite HEH HEH HEH 😈” 😂😭😂😂😂

  44. zErf Official

    We vietnamese haven't rlly experienced toiler paper crisis before as we use that tiny little bum gun (which sprays water to clean yo a$$) thats one of the reason why i'm so proud of our nation

  45. Qudhdhcgyd

    Getting a partner in middle-school was like entering a pact with someone to cuddle too much in public.

  46. Apoorva Tayal

    It's funny but it's also kinda sad. He is all riled up about this because he has dealt with the frustration of his content getting stolen I kinda feel sad now

  47. The Legend 27

    Lmao its now a fact that a hooked app acc is under danny gonzalez's name

  48. Lisa Padgen

    I started watching Bojack Horseman from this video and I’m half way through season 4

  49. Ava Sarah

    Wow venessa’s standards have really lowered since high school musical

  50. Kaydn Hutton

    I'm pretty sure the boss in this movie also plays the personal trainer in A Night at the Roxbury

  51. Dax Ennenbach

    The people in this comment really think this is real lol

  52. Michi Games

    Imagine leaving micheal b Jordan for some man baby👩🏾‍🦯

  53. Dax Ennenbach

    She’s horrible, why would she just force people to put out info they don’t wanna put out? Or keep pressing on things they’re obviously trying to move away from? It’s like when a friend says an unfunny joke, you don’t wanna say it’s not funny so you don’t acknowledge it, but they just get closer and say the joke again. She’s such a bitch even when the allegations weren’t coming out

  54. Mattduag


  55. TinyTucan

    I might just endeavour to say all of these things in my lifetime.

  56. Michi Games

    *Jay station channel gets terminated* Drew: Guess he jokes on you

  57. pomme

    drew reminds me of ben wyatt from parks n rec, but only if he was a frat man

  58. Andrew

    It was never that good.

  59. Mari C.

    Lol I also use Lyft but just say that I took an uber

  60. Leonard Fabian

    Call her ellen degenerate.

  61. Riley Afton

    My sister bought 1400 robux "accidentally" when she was 8 lol

  62. DJAyt69

    Imagine going to a hospital ran by people dumber than Mr. Bean

  63. Leonard Fabian

    Cable? what is this cable you speak of is it like a wire or something? anyway i'm going to go try out HBOmax and watch like 10 different movies and tv show, have fun with this Cable thing.

  64. JOB LIAR

    i liked the elon episode ):

  65. Nice Profile

    How can anyone watch this cringe. I’m not strong enough

  66. MeSaDrums

    They all look like a 10 year olds head got cut off and placed on a 20 year olds body

  67. paul spahn

    Just here to see anybody defend Rob Snider

  68. C-Playz317

    Okay hear me out, Santa Claws. It is Christmas, but Wolverine kills Santa and then takes his place, and instead of giving gifts, he just slices up everything in the house.

  69. Feelin Awesome

    I agree sometimes they aren't funny but sometimes they are hilarious!

  70. BoxedOn 60Fps

    Only some are good but so many are some white people copy and paste movies

  71. Qudhdhcgyd

    God, chasing celebrity like this is like being in highschool for your whole life. What a nightmare.

  72. the running man

    I wouldn't be surprised if tucker Carlson won the presidency

  73. Блэр


  74. Ian Suddeth

    #slave ??

  75. Jazzpunk /

    Dude's pissed

  76. What is he doing ?

    I have a note on my phone that says water Buffalo are just hair fish

  77. What is he doing ?

    Wait I thought I was the last of my kind, I didn’t know that there’s more

  78. Chimpanzee

    Shut up nerd imo Christmas movies are all fantastic

  79. Space Cadet Silver Boots

    Adam Sandler has always been terrible !!!

  80. Thomas Brooks

    I don’t want to be disrespectful, but this man is the discount version of John Mulaney.