A Hospital Run By Tik Tokers

Drew Gooden

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    Welcome to Attaway General, a hospital full of unqualified teenage doctors who don't even want to be here. Seems like a good idea!

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    1. Zoe Hoffman

      i waiting for you to make this video

      1. w i l l o w

        Same lol

      2. lxvbree

        i waiting for you to make comment. thank u

      3. Oh-oh Stinky

        oediv siht ekam ot uoy rof gnitiaw i

      4. Stain

        I Waiting , you not waiting

      5. Dragonify Amazing

        @Mopolo you

    2. DJAyt69

      Imagine going to a hospital ran by people dumber than Mr. Bean

    3. Elizabeth

      jokes on them, _i'm an adult_

    4. Dilpreet

      Um where is the second part Drew?

    5. That_one_potterhead o_0

      Yk it’s literally illegal to give information about a patient. That information is classified and you get fined more then 50k for revealing it

    6. NUK3Z

      6:29: POV you’re the chimmy chunga about to enter drews mouth

    7. HulaHulaMe

      Dr. Mike said this is the least medically accurate show he has ever watched

    8. TAMAGO CHAN (Tami Sugawara)

      Is it just me or does that curly haired kid look like Kurtis

    9. I TabbyCatz I

      12:42 Where?

    10. obvious


    11. Timothy Terry

      Also did that nurse just break hipaa over a chocolate bar 😂

    12. Timothy Terry

      Dixie has the emotions of a rock.

    13. Ethan Hughes

      Dixie sounds like she smokes 80 a day

    14. Karely.S

      i had better acting skills at 9 when i played a sheep for my church’s nativity of jesus play

    15. Yesteday's Pizza

      We definitely need part two

    16. maybe: hannah r

      everyone, please be kind and extend some sympathy to dixie. it’s actually a little known behind-the-scenes fact that she was shot by a stray horse tranquilizer just before her scenes, every single one of them, and yet still decided to go on. brave girl.

    17. Brooke

      This might be the funniest thing I've seen in months. That candy bribe to a grown ass woman was quite the hilariously insulting gesture... I bet the woman who plays that nurse has froykin' nightmares about reliving that scene nightly.

    18. Let’s Talk Movies Please

      11:19 red would’ve won too if this show really cared about continuity

    19. SaintInix

      Drew, John Mullaney wants his generic 50s character voice back.

    20. Eri Plays

      5:29 U forgot to do the green screen

    21. jags4life 307

      Literally just watched the vin diesel video and got a fast and furious ad for this one🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    22. Soren Coate

      So, so many people must have died. Rest in peace.

    23. Anna Mead

      I thought the beginning of this video was an ad :)

    24. Cynorgi

      I have never heard Dixie actually talk and I have to ask: is her voice that monotonous and deep in real life?

    25. US:ISS

      Who the fudge puts POTATOES 🥔 IN A FRIDGE???

    26. PianoMan

      Oh man a chocalate bar i should expose a patients private condition oh boy

    27. PianoMan

      I love how every episode ends with someone passing out

    28. head full sunwoo with curly hair only

      their acting was so horrible that it was funny

    29. Mary Canty

      The puzzling greece unusually please because plane joly train near a grotesque stove. vague, misty pain

    30. Alan Pieper

      Still waiting for that sequel

    31. ohitshilary

      This was hilarious. I am 100% waiting for another episode.

    32. Wolfy Adondis

      I have that chess set

    33. Gayle Hesser

      i don’t know why i love this video so much but i do

    34. Khaled - Hamwie

      I like the way he makes ads : )

    35. N'Briez-C

      I thought she was crying because she never cleaned his wound before putting that bandage on and caused an infection

    36. Lil Yomp

      Honestly, the Holden kid wasn’t *that* bad of an actor. Props to him

    37. under the seafoam

      it's irritating that they talk like grade school students with dead acting. how can anyone pay attention to this when it feels like a high school project. props to that injured cheerleader girl tho, she gave actual effort.

    38. Demon from the North Sea

      Am I....supposed to find the show funny? Because I can not stop laughing at it.

    39. secrethumanmachine

      i have the same shirt from target

    40. Wolfpack Productions

      I swear the acting in these episodes are worse than the Star Wars prequels

    41. from my window

      this show is like a wattpad fanfiction come to life

    42. astro_flow

      "battle for the white house" really hits different post-January 6th

    43. Kamii Kaleidoscope

      If a doctor develops feeling for a patient they can be suspended for not maintaining professional boundaries. I’m not sure if this goes for volunteers too, but I don’t like that situation with Holden. Kinda sus

    44. KM

      This show makes me want to go and throw up. Hair net only on the roots yeah👍

    45. Brian Behrens

      6:56 is my favorite moment for sure

    46. TFG Television

      “Attaway General: No, that is not a disease.”

    47. TFG Television

      Basically all the doctor shows on TV don’t get it right, according to my mom, who is a nurse, but she watches New Amsterdam every Tuesday still so idk

    48. Mr. Raccoon


    49. Asnton Scroot

      The terrific pedestrian methodically gather because feature counterintuitively murder into a striped var verbs = [aardvark. roomy, spiffy digestion

    50. renyukgoncangmakan


    51. Dewan Barnil Atif Dimitre

      9:11 that music is from prey 2017. how did they not get copyrighted

    52. Amber Boyd

      you put potatoes in the fridge

    53. Emmet Bushue

      Please make a part 2

    54. Vaibhav Chenna

      In india also we similar show it is called fame house

    55. Destiny’s___Hatred

      Am I the only one who noticed jail bird sitting with holden has waaaay to much make up on? 🤣🤣

    56. Nick Accarion

      More on this please

    57. Vini

      Part two, please!!!

    58. Chester Leeks

      10:09 KILLED ME

    59. Liv Brown

      I'm sorry but can we talk about her hair net at 4:40 ??? BECAUSE UHHH-

    60. Mine antoine

      Wait his name is holden

    61. chinchilla bEans

      13:29-13:30 that is not a disease

    62. ivada. diva


      1. ivada. diva


    63. Yummy

      This is literally your best video. Its a year later and i still rewatch it

      1. Alex Kateryna

        nah his best video is the one where he gets mad at the bagel

    64. Jai Anna

      As someone who volunteered in a hospital in high school for a program, we literally were always supervised unless we did rounds of taking vitals. We never really did anything in the ER or ICU except for restock bandages and label stuff. We never were around critical patients or did any "doctor" work. This show is very unrealistic and I can't get past the terrible acting.

    65. ParkChimChimstolemyheart

      D-did that girl just straight up wrap gauze without even cleaning or putting any medicine on the wound??😭 And then she gives him advice on how he was treated by an actual doctor? I get kid geniuses, but this was painful to watch 🥴

    66. O. K

      “The kidz bop version” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 There was no talent, rather listen to kidz bop or wash dishes than watch it.

    67. ajogoz

      Boy, I have YT premium and that ad at the beginning fucking startled me.

    68. Joelle Stephenson

      "You're the dumbest little shit I've ever met." I just choked on the apple I was eating! SO funny!

    69. Chery3597 Cameron2597

      The sick millisecond constitutively rock because wallaby chemically curve midst a temporary sycamore. fine, bizarre riverbed

    70. Annieob

      Tie your goddamn hair back and roll up your sleeves above your elbows, you're in a hospital! They are all a walking disease vector!

    71. Claudette Kadyk

      She broke hippa she should be fired

    72. Kai Rainey Day

      Homeboy has Circa Survive ? Wowza that is some taste

    73. I'm throwing my life away on this app

      the worst part is that griffin and dixies romantic tension is the most interesting plot of the whole thing

    74. Landon

      Wasn't this Elon Musk's SNL skit

    75. Victoria Kat

      Thank you for watching this for us so we don't have to lol

    76. Victoria Kat


    77. Chubbyinnit

      Just wait untill the make "catching up with the d'amelio's"

    78. J S

      I need to see a part two!

    79. Abhayjyoti Nath

      But sed it's only 1/10 rating in imbd

    80. I Stole Your Cookies

      "hey guy"

    81. Harry ًPotter

      I swear I hate your negativity yet youtube always recommend....mmmm also I hate seeing myself in you.

      1. Alex Kateryna

        I love this comment 🏆

    82. Elliott Brighton.

      Now, I believe I can be a writer after watching this shit.

    83. Bob

      Still waiting for a part 2

    84. TransPlant 161

      That Chess ad at the start aged like milk

      1. George Girard

        Oh my. I thought this was after the matter lmfao

    85. Jacob Gouin

      My mom saves the hello fresh recipes too so you can just keep making them

    86. Penguin Leader

      Working at a hospital all I see is lawsuits lol

    87. Hange Zoë

      Holden was the only decent actor tbh

    88. Logical Linkin

      This show is bad

    89. jasmine ortiz

      Bruhh you don’t even go to prison for juvi 💀

    90. I'm Not Michael

      10:11 she didn’t faint, she got bored of their conversation and fell asleep

    91. Guart Mode

      Where the fuck is part 2, Drew?

    92. Rosamy

      I feel so insecure calling myself an author with stories like these making views and news🌚

    93. Cme mce

      Where is the vid????? It was so funny 😂 I need part 2

    94. elizabeth

      I hate how much I watch this video

    95. c3vv1

      This guy is the funniest person I’ve ever seen on social media 😂😂

    96. Leo Fuckballs

      cmon drew... give us part tew...

    97. Jordzo Olzen

      The older nurse lady is the only competent actor on set

    98. ThatGirlWithTheSocks

      Okay, but Drew's amazing attention to detail would make him a GREAT detective

      1. Alex Kateryna

        classic scorpio 😎

    99. Pasta Guy

      Lmfao, Why was Brats in an Italian accent? XD

    100. Sam d

      I definetly want a full season review