Are the Twitch Beggars Baiting Us?

Drew Gooden

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    The twitch beggars are getting out of hand... but are they doing it on purpose to attract attention? Let's speculate.

    There are some wonderful people on twitch, here are a few of my favorites:


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    sorry if this video kinda sucks i'm trying my best

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    1. Emily-Grace Bateman

      U smell so bad

      1. Andrei Farcas


      2. M.S. Aviation


      3. Matt Andrei Gallanosa

        Broxh is da best!!!!

      4. Sticks


      5. Hola Me Llamo Elsa


    2. Broseph McSick

      I’d rather give money to a brain-dead rabbit than any of these three morons.

    3. Hysteria

      An amazing streamer who is almost the exact opposite of her is Philza. He streamed to 10 viewers for 5 years, actively discourages people who can't spend money to pay him, is extremely entertaining, super grateful for everything, and very skilled. He and his friends have blown up recently, and I'm very happy for them.

    4. TheMisnasty

      content she dont make any content she just sits on her ass

    5. Nicki T

      If she wants subscribers she should just get an onlyfans and be done with it.

    6. 诚意

      "You can do that?" Hahahhahaha Lov it ❤️

    7. C-Playz317

      Yeah this comment got pinned (I think) deal with it

    8. allmixedup111111

      Wondering why this video came up in recommendation 🤔...then I saw Amanda just started an OF. Gotta get that bread somehow

    9. Rudy Loethen

      Remember the days when people tried hard to be entertaining to earn subs, instead of begging.

    10. Morgynne Johnson

      No one wants to watch someone who's just begging for money.Maybe if she was nice and actually did content maybe she would have more donations and subscribers.

    11. Reya Porche

      Drew is the only SEpromr who's ads I watch TF out of

    12. Tu Phan

      i like the term you referred these individuals as

    13. Kevin Davidson

      In my opinion, some of these Twitch streamers wouldn't have these attitudes if it weren't for the simps. Idk how often male streamers have this attitude, but the same could go for them too if it ever happens. I just find it more common among the female base. Sad thing is that these people will never lose subs because of it. Pretty privilege.

    14. EbonyRain123

      Girl if you need money sell all those stuffed and the lights and the bean bag and ALL THAT STUFF BECAUSE YOU WOULD GET A BUNCH OF MONEY

    15. Chris Seamster

      Question: if you where a sandwich what kind of sandwich would you be? 🤣🤣

      1. Rudy Loethen

        So, let me ask you a question... Where the sun rise?

      2. Rudy Loethen

        Wait, I just got to that part in the video and realized that this was not, in fact, an actual question.

      3. Rudy Loethen

        Turkey, Mayo, Provolone Cheese, on white or flat bread. No lettuce.

    16. Chris Seamster

      Damn that internet sound brought back memories 👌🤣

    17. 4ate9

      if she thinks £5 is nothing shes to intilted

    18. Molly

      drew only mentioned streamers that were men bar jenna :/

      1. Saanvi Srivastava

        Check the description, there's a lot of cool female streamers listed there, a few of which I myself watch from time-to-time and would recommend.

    19. raisinbran turtle

      i am not mad, but i feel strong second hand embarrassment and amusement over this situation.

    20. Mutasim Hasan Muhi

      These stupid h#es are pure entertainment 😂

    21. Joseph Davidson

      How many people work as producers and tech for these youtubers? This is some manipulative shit

    22. blur

      As someone who has explored almost every corner of Red Dead Redemption 2, it's infuriating to see that girl on her phone while a very important scene plays out. With that much attention span, she has no chance to finish the game

    23. Demanth Gamer


    24. Toxicord

      Narcissism goes hand in hand with arrogance. Having rigid thoughts through inflated ego usually results in some sort of logical error that they're unwilling to acknowledge due to their foundation of self worth.

    25. EleCtrO Ranvier

      As a construction worker who spends 12 hours a day in the hot sun, I really value this girls work ethic

    26. Mat-Requiem

      I feel disgusted that she has a plushie from my favourite anime :'(

    27. Catalin Loghin

      She's not the problem, simps are. Without simps, every e-girl would be flipping burgers at Mc'Ds...

      1. ˗ˏ ➶ hannah . ✧ ˚

        women like this wouldn't exist if simps didn't enable their behavior. i don't understand why everyone is blaming her, all she's doing is making money.

    28. Emily Davis

      Among the obvious things, it really bothers me how she moves her hands around like a Barbie. Like she never separates her fingers

    29. Becca Lindberg

      AGH that chick is so irritating to listen to, making me mental

    30. MrRhysReviews

      Man I don't care how condescending and hypocritical she is cause god damn I find her sexy as FUCK... Still not giving her that $5 though 🤣

    31. Mike FromMN

      Invadervie really thinks her content is good

    32. xMALYSHx

      FOLLOW ME :3

    33. Charles

      me: gets involved in video"mhm,mhm" also me: sees cat for one minute and continues to replay they same moment 5 times

    34. trapperz united

      They don't need money they need a brain, a big one

    35. Darrell Gardner

      I don't know who this girl is, nor do i really care. I just thought the rant about "all the guys masturbating" was funny since, thats literally the reason shes dressed like that. to look attractive so guys will watch and pay her..

    36. Griffin Heeg

      What happened to big poster

    37. Mason Trupe

      How crazy is it that the world has evolved to the point where low key prostitutes can Get paid for negging thousands of people

    38. DodoSandwich

      Where did you get that bento shirt 🤨

    39. Misc Kin


    40. Misc Kin

      Wow to become a content Creater all I need is a beanie and a pyjamas. Oh wait that's enough only if I have a ... And a .... Actually if I have the above the world should just pour the money at my feet.

    41. Owen V

      this girl gives me stuck up English teacher vibes

    42. Hannah Sexton

      If you want to make money go get a job lmfao

    43. Lake McBride

      She’s talking about how she doesn’t watch TV right next to a giant wall of plushies from different TV shows.

    44. Dubbo Playz

      The cat looking at him searching for the logic lol

    45. Deepfried_no0dles

      that's why u ask for twitch prime it's free and doesn't cost money. YES TAKE JEFF BAZOS MONEY YESSSSSS

    46. haider ali

      remember when i screamed that i hate black people and expressed my support for the KKK, yeah tht was not my opinion and i had nothing to do with that thought

    47. Cédric Rüfenacht

      she makes it seem like you give five dollars once and thats it, when its five dollars a month, i.e. 60 dollars a year. she talks about working hard for money when all she does is sit on a cushion wearing short clothing

    48. Choolake Jinendra

      I don't get these E-girl simps. You do know there is millions of porn you can watch for free right?

    49. Sara Davey

      Streaming is hard you have to be funny and you to be able to play games or talk Abt a topic well and keep ppl engaged. She seems like she could be cool but also sucks she should apologize (not half assed like full on say srry and mean it) she needs to understand that not everyone can support you everyday maybe once and in a while you can give her $5 but if you cant that's perfectly fine. You can't just make everyone pay you for something that they don't have to, yes if you are in need of money and you want to stream go ahead but don't think everyone will pay you money for the content. Just bc you stream and stuff doesn't mean you HAVE to pay that person, yes will it help them? Ofc it will. Will it make them keep going? Maybe. You can't just beg and beg and then get what you want and then get mad at someone for not doing anything, they paid you and then you got mad so they have to pay you over and over again to make you happy it's out right dum and disgusting you should take what you get and be happy that someone paid you money.

    50. Alexis Ladd

      bruh she’s literally the definition of “gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss”

    51. Ahmed Saquib

      Simps are the enablers of this shit!!

    52. Ben Mabiasan

      I legit thought I was watching a Danny gonzalez vid

    53. Andrewx8 88

      Simply said, E-thots will always be E-thots no matter which platform they are on. Do yourself a favor, and don't associate yourself with them, because nothing good can come from it.

    54. RRaven

      Cat on couch

    55. jeromé eddlemon

      Do you really need anyone else!!!! Lol

    56. jeromé eddlemon

    57. Michelle Lee

      Omg that brunette streamer with the fairy lights makes me wanna kick her in the face, wtf

    58. Uberbobby Art

      You'll make a cute couple.

    59. Rad pumkin

      I know you are a twitch streamer now . . . . . . . . . (I am not funny,am I?)

    60. Bobby Ross

      Im 15 and make $14 dollars an hour at mc fucking Donalds. Get an actual job lmao

    61. Birthquake Records

      Wow she is a MASTER at being a bad person

    62. Hani

      I don't understand how her mind works

    63. AshTheKazooist

      18:18 shit... I'm only listening...

    64. Anand Raj

      Why do people are giving her money if its free

    65. t p

      Bro she is literraly a psychopath 10:01

    66. Mootney Vlogs

      11:15 no actually she said 10 not 5

    67. cudlebear64

      “If you have time to watch twitch, you have $5” - I don’t know her name

    68. koolaids man

      13:02 her: "I don't spend a lot of time watching tv" also her: *has a bunch of plushies from different animes, tv shows, and video games

    69. Jacqueline Chrisman

      I love this video! It is so entertaining. I actually follow Invadervie on Twitch but I DO NOT sub! I can literally watch her for FREE on any device! It's awesome, she gets so annoyed lol

    70. Mah M

      *I killed my horse?*

    71. Ian Olsen

      Plot Twist: this is one giant twitch ad

    72. Mako

      She reminds me of a teacher

    73. Isaac

      I wish I could play videogames in a plush and pillow fort. I'm not being ironic, that just sounds lovely.

    74. James Woznik

      The puny galley sequently practise because motorboat alternately use off a penitent africa. lethal, grateful gratis packet

    75. Manan Goel

      Man u should change ur channel name to spitting/telling facts 🔥🔥🔥 what a video.. respect ur opinion

    76. Julian Griffiths


    77. Bertram Lupov

      500 subs? Just quit bro

    78. dave s.

      I don't understand why there's still homeless people. While begging you should clearly verbally berate the strangers around you

    79. Conroads Dev


    80. Jekhi

      I’d actually be happy if someone gave me a penny on twitch. These people don’t deserve a platform

      1. The Humble Hooligan


    81. phari phari

      So what dose she exactly do?

      1. The Humble Hooligan

        Lmao no idea. Sits there I gues.

    82. Lisa Elizabeth

      She doesn’t deserve to watch anime... anime is too good for her.

    83. abd


    84. Mariah Allen

      when people look at you odd when you say you want to stream or play video games for a living, honestly they aren’t the ones acting stupid because they are probably thinking every streamer is just like this girl..

    85. Rainbow Horse

      I miss Jenna and Julian :(

    86. Adam Khan

      Narcs are always entitled

    87. Black Samurai Leonard

      My question is that why does she keep asking for money on twitch if she has so many jobs 🤌🏽🤌🏽🤌🏽🤌🏽🤌🏽🤨🤦🤦🤦🤦

    88. Brittany

      Twitch socks girl is just.. awful What happened to her, is she still streaming? Or did she have to get a job

    89. Brittany

      Awww this is one of my favourite videos you've made, the description made my heart hurt

    90. Moses Agabon

      Who TF watches twitch?

    91. Jackson Schrickel

      She is like a Jake and Amir video without a straight man to reel her in

    92. Alexia Simões

      Why did she read out the question if she didn’t have an answer?

    93. Sora Valentin?

      She sounds like a spoiled princess who never endured any hardships. Welp, all i could do to punish her is bit my mit while thinking of her.

    94. Leonard Fabian

      fIvE dOlLaRS A mOnTh!!!

      1. Tiny Nikname

        @Chloe Naidoo YESS itd be like 300 real like???

      2. Tiny Nikname

        ikr like who cares that its my choice to do this and its free YOU GOTRA PAY 😠😠😠

      3. Chloe Naidoo

        Thats 60 dollars a year, not to mention people from other countries who have different currencies and it could cost alot more.

    95. recherd atwood

      I think she's on the wrong website, I think she's looking for a website called "Chaturbate" where people pay you to watch you "Do stuff"

    96. SanJi The PerV


    97. ContR0llFreAk

      the only thing i can feel now a days is pain for the human race

    98. Johnny Lego

      So true , these twitch streamers are TERRIBLE

    99. Beaston Gaming

      Dear lord I always think I've found the most annoying person and they hit me with this

    100. Wannabe Shady90

      I would literally rather burn my money than spent it on Twitch thots. 😂 But in the end, Twitch is just like anything else based on supply and demand. If people, especially men, spend money on Twitch's your money I guess, but don't complain afterwards.