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    1. SCR33M

      I didn't mean to click this video, sorry.

      1. SCR33M

        @Max Silvernail i clicked on the wrong video, i didn't mean to watch this

      2. Max Silvernail

        I don't get the joke

      3. Cup of _Cofffee

        How does this not have 500 replies lmao

      4. Cello Strings


      5. oculus quest 2

        Amogus sussy 😳😳😳😳

    2. CarrotKing

      Man I’ve never seen this Danny Gonzalez video

    3. MrNaimee

      you have better skin than your wife wtf

    4. Kim Cardenas

      Just got an intense flashback to when I had the Hannah Montana DVD game that I received in my 5th grade Secret Santa. I still wish I got the paint set instead

    5. a. garcia

      the bank bit drew and amanda do makes me smile every single time

    6. Serafin Matines Kabadjov

      This kids don't kow noting im wachin this video on my walkman 0:05

    7. Greg Wotton

      We had a fully functional theatre, a theatre company with pro volunteers as well as automotive, metal shop, graphic arts, photography, welding, art, etc... Yes, we were the one school that had all of that in the area, but we had it.

    8. Dylan Curtis

      “They gave you a voucher” lmao wouldn’t they just give u the money

    9. Dylan Curtis

      The players stay home and practice over break. Usually high school sports will play thru Christmas and thanksgiving break which is lame. Just btw keep going ur doing great

    10. Abhay Sastry


    11. Nikko

      It is confirmed Drew is a giant

    12. Evan Cowdrey

      I played rugby and did theatre in highschool and let me just say *There is MORE than enough time to do both*

    13. Nathan DeLange

      I’m pretty sure that the show in high school musical is a Romeo and Juliet story but with a happy ending

    14. NerdySinger1!

      I made my parents play the HSM DVD game with me all the time when I was a kid haha, it was, basically the same game but not about camp rock

    15. JAF

      Okay,, but we all know we were really there for Nick Jonas. You can't tell me he isn't the finest boy in the Jonas Brothers.

    16. Elnjolras

      Drew: "I had a crush on Demi Lovato because she was a girl." this aged great!

    17. Cloud25XD

      Being an extra is really weird. You're often told to walk from point A to point B, there's usually a PA where you're supposed to walk who will tell you when to then go start walking again. So the girl walking into the corner probably thought it was as weird as we do, but that's what she was told to do! Also, she was probably like 30 because that's every high school extra.

    18. Drinker Of Anti Tears

      "I had a huge crush on Demi Lovato because she was a girl" oh how the turn tables have turn tabled

    19. Yuvan-Théo Dumas

      14:38 drew!!!! you just broke the non disclosure agreement!!! You're not supposed to say how much you got payed!!

    20. Blob

      11:46 they are the cutest couple to ever exist and you’d be lying if you disagree

    21. Official Banana

      Even Drew tried learning the dance

    22. Jianne Aubrey

      why does amanda always remind me of pepper potts

    23. then perish

      we ALSO had rock history class :)

    24. Caitlin The Noodle

      6:18 that didn't age well

    25. oculus quest 2

      Amogus sussy 😳😳😳

    26. Lex C

      Drew: lI had a crush on Demi Lovato because she were a girl, and that was the only box you had to check” Demi Lovato: came out as non binary recently I guess that wasn’t even a required box to check

      1. Lex C

        @Elnjolras *they. Other than that, hilarious joke. Tons of enbys have made it too

      2. Elnjolras

        this may sound really crude, but... maybe that's why she's called Demi. I apologise to all nonbinary people who have read this comment.

      3. Lex C

        @Danny Hustle no, they are not

      4. Danny Hustle

        Lol demi lovato is mess now

    27. JokerOnline

      I love how they play the dvd game on their Xbox for the true gaming experience

    28. Kai Marotta

      6:14 didn’t age well

    29. Shania Dirstein

      Amanda is iconic

    30. Jayden Roach

      Okay but you have to review Highschool Musical- The Musical: The series Because I have no intention of watching it, But I need to have you explain it for me

    31. Ashley

      I actually live close to the highschool where highschool musical was filmed

    32. betp

      "i love that her belt isnt holding up her pants it's wrapped around them" throwback to when i was in high school. you'd just get a weird macrame belt that doesnt do anything

    33. mar pizza123

      Amanda finally, this is why I clicked the vid

    34. Rimuru Tempest

      He reminds me so much of John Mulaney sometimes for some reason

    35. Elnjolras

      after seeing Nick in the 25th anniversary of les miserables. i can never look at the jonas brothers the same way again.

      1. Caitlin The Noodle

        ayyyyy theater kid

    36. Yero Abbatulam

      we love amanda cameo's

    37. llamalorf hacks

      its crazy how youtube recommended this to me exactly a year later

    38. Enem Disk

      Amanda :-)

    39. MusicGuy20

      I came here for the cat 🐈

    40. Waffles

      If it makes Amanda feel better my friend and I did the same thing with My Chemical Romance. She liked Mikey Way, so I had to pick someone else. Then his appearance changed and she had a small crisis of having to find a new guy to like but having to pick someone else cause she couldn't take my pick.

    41. ginnie

      Apparently, Joe Jonas really likes Cody Ko. So there's a very high chance he might be watching this

    42. Coralie Faulkner


    43. Isabella Mitchell

      “had a crush on demi lovato, cause she was a girl, and that’s the only box that needed to be checked” didn’t age well LOL

      1. Elnjolras

        @Brady Rush maybe that's why she's called Demi. I am so sorry :(

      2. Elnjolras

        thanks for clearing that up.

      3. Ariana Ortiz

        Lol because they're nonbinary.

      4. Brady Rush

        @Elnjolras cause now she's a they, lol

      5. Elnjolras


    44. Yoyo Panda

      3:01 well Drew, let me introduce you to Victorious

    45. Bella -_-

      The coolest thing in my highschool is the small duck pond that distracts every student from getting to class on time because ducks

    46. Irma Carpenter

      The spiteful celsius perplexingly enter because planet customarily step athwart a charming alley. ripe, belligerent low

    47. Andy Lorentsen

      GOD i feel the school envy thing so much...my high school was so boring. i think i wrote like an essays worth of thoughts about this in my tumblr drafts a few years ago

    48. pigaro nathan

      6:12 and this video is offically outdated

      1. pigaro nathan

        @pep it was a joke, i kow he said it in past tense. it was just a joke

      2. pep

        nah it’s ok he said “was a girl” past tense

    49. AmIaBot449

      High school musical the musical the series high school musical the musical the series high school musical the musical the series high school musical the musical the series high school musical the musical the series high school musical the musical the series high school musical the musical the series

    50. Sydnee Ferrell

      I love how she tried to eat the guitar pick, and he wouldn't let her.

    51. Alice

      Camp rock 2 is a bit better made but really it’s just not on the same level as hsm

    52. Alice

      They directed the SHIT out of hsm

    53. Alice

      High school musical is a banging film tbh

    54. DavidPalko

      I took car class at my school. We had 8-10 cars, it was dope.

    55. Mule The Donkey

      but drew, the high school musical IS the movie all along!

    56. savannah

      I cry at “frankie if you’re out there, rock on kevin” EVERY TIME

    57. sam cork

      . 6:15 narrators voice: they were, in fact, not a girl

    58. Max Kastner

      6:15 didn’t age well😂😂

    59. Slothy_Sammy

      I had to do this whole movie in school to preform and i had to learn the song. We looked so stupid doing it ;-;

    60. Tristan Tran

      6:14 "I had a crush on Demi Levato because she was a girl" LMAO, so much for that Drew. Big congrats to Demi for coming out as non-binary.

      1. Livvv

        LMAO I DIDNT EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT THAT Although at the time Demi probably didn't even considered identifying as anything else but a girl, so I guess It still counts? Child Drew would be suprised tho lmao

      2. Kaia Smith

        I immediately rushed to the comments to see if someone else watched this video after they came out

    61. Cassidy Wong

      you dont rock with camp rock ?!!?!?!? camp rock is my soul

    62. Alex SM

      Doing heroin with Demi Lovato 😍

    63. Radioactive Hufflepuff

      I genuinely liked Kevin. He was my first choice

    64. Sarahbeth Grant

      the girl in orange actually made a tiktok ab it that i saw today lll

    65. Edna Seftick

      The groovy bagel successfully scream because haircut decisively x-ray save a overrated refrigerator. solid, embarrassed japanese

    66. Bangy

      I literally said “your my guy” at the same time as drew and I did t rehearse it

    67. Doggo with a bowl

      I’m watching this on my Nokia phone

    68. Psycho Fish

      Stop talkin trash about high school musical!!!

    69. Gomito1234

      i am

    70. Sarah Reed

      “Which one are you? I’m Joe.” “...okay I guess I’m Demi then?” 12:31

    71. Leland Unruh

      Thank you, dear Mr. Gooden, for letting me capture some of the childish 2000s wonder which being born so early in the 80s denied me.

    72. Cas

      okay but i was nineteen and hadn’t watched Zoey 101 in years when my dad told me that it took place in high school and not college. i literally went my whole childhood assuming it was supposed to be college just because no high school looks like that.

    73. Selena Lemiec

      Amanda is adorable. They are adorable together.

    74. yin

      i am letting you know that im currently watching this video on my zune

    75. Astrid Kierkegaard

      Gabriella's song is the "Cheer Up Charlie" of this movie

    76. Toast Of riches

      Man I love my flip phones you tube I am in 2007 the current year yes year is yes is 2007

    77. Teagan The Dash Man

      It’s cool that the exact East high school in the movie is filmed at the actual East high in Utah

    78. Wheels n Stuff

      Wait did you not have mechanics 3:23

    79. noneyah

      The still at 8:28 needs to go into a museum. There is so much pop culture in one picture

    80. Taygan & Emily


    81. S Wood

      our school has a class for mechanics where they work on a car

    82. The Duck Gaming

      Dude I live near East high and Everytime I have to open my widow and I scream high school musical and now I am hated

    83. emmmaa

      im sorry you guys are so cute im deceased

    84. Siya Sharma

      "Car Class" had me wheezing.

    85. pan banan

      "That's my son" is one of the best things I heard on this channel, I literally think of this everyday and I don't even know why. The guy is fine too.

    86. E To The Z

      As cute as drew and his wife are, it doesn’t even come close to hers and Kevin’s chemistry. I’m sorry drew :/

    87. Le Pie

      Is it just me or does the guy who plays the coach really look like Nathan Fillion

    88. Roksforbrains

      there’s car class at my school (if ur doing an automotive certificate lol)

    89. plplpl plplpl

      2:15 my highschool actually did winter sports like. Where most of the season is before winter break and then you come and play the off season

    90. Stout Bros

      Cool pillow

    91. wii remote


    92. Elijah Medrano

      hi drew from the past

    93. Ruth Laliberte

      WAIT I feel like every girl that liked Kevin secretly liked Joe but one of their friends had dibs on him first...I was obviously this girl as well

    94. The Movie Critic

      But... Kevin IS the best Jonas

    95. Jess Soucy

      We had "car class" in highschool. It was my homeroom. Imagine your homeroom being a garage

    96. Cosmic Anomaly

      Dilapidated is Drew’s favorite word. I’ve heard him say it in two different videos now. No one says dilapidated that much.

    97. Qcnlo

      This man can expose any tv show or movie

    98. Sara Stueve Vliet

      Oh man I bet they just giggle with each other all the time and I am here for it

    99. Pegah Zabihian

      I was a nick girl exclusively, and even though I hated most of camp rock 2, it was very nick centric so I had to endure it. I'm also bi, and I very much related to nick because his love interest and demi Lovato with side part are still some of my earliest closeted crushes. Also I still listen to introducing me on repeat.

    100. Sophia Feeney

      Who is guy and why do u Greet and fair well him in every video