I bought every ad I saw on instagram for a week

Drew Gooden

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    This was a terrible idea and I'll probably do it again.


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    1. Drew Gooden

      A lot of people are asking about the whitney houston remix in the beginning so here you go: seprom.info/clone/video/z65uo8iBj3-Ik2w.html It is truly a masterpiece

      1. Andy C

        Ye why else

      2. Andy C

        @Gordon Fischerw

      3. Andy C


      4. Furious BearGaming

        @I Am Artemis spider man 1?

      5. - oh -

        GOD blessss

    2. Ed J Jef

      Just don’t open insta gram

    3. coconutcore

      “It’s also for seasonal allergies” I’m literally wearing a mask inside my house right now because my parents leave the windows open all the time. You don’t need a space helmet, but wearing anything that filters air does work if you were wondering.

    4. Nathan Kennedy

      At the store I work at we sell vouri (prounced vee-ori) and people eat it up, pretty much everything we sell is 60$+ so when they look at the vouri stuff they are already expecting it

    5. daiselol

      Thats a sick hail the sun hoodie

    6. zErf Official

      We vietnamese haven't rlly experienced toiler paper crisis before as we use that tiny little bum gun (which sprays water to clean yo a$$) thats one of the reason why i'm so proud of our nation

    7. Ian

      I had that NSYNC shirt like 20 years ago. How does one still exist

    8. 福 !

      vuori sounds like off brand visache (how ever tf u spell it)

    9. Naomi

      I receive: Your money You receive: Weird products, depression

    10. Antonin Alarcon

      The onerous tune largely level because freckle philosophically paddle pace a solid siamese. polite, overrated kitty

    11. Clyde

      Love how the $904 is close to the word "regret" on the screen

    12. Veronica Emmerson

      Glad to know it's not just me getting so many candy ads lmao

    13. The Silvr Perspective

      You're doing the world over a great service!!

    14. Lune The Moonman

      I felt bad for Drew ordering all this garbage so I stuck around for the ad read out of pity alone

    15. ivy

      18:03 he sounds like john mulaney

    16. Redemption0009

      The spicy candy is way overpriced too because you could go to any Spanish grocery store and find the exact same thing and probably with flavors that actually work well with the spice

    17. OoOoOo

      That *NSYNC shirt do be nice

    18. Sergio Salazar

      Hey I have that same rainbow Nintendo shirt you had on!

    19. weinerschnitzelboy

      Does anyone know that video at 0:45 I really need to know.

      1. Granola Raspberry

        I'm so proud of myself for not rickrolling you

      2. Granola Raspberry


    20. Kelley G

      Try the helmet when you cut onions. I would never spend $300 for that use, but I'm desperate to know how it works.

    21. stackunderflow

      I got an ad for $230,000 luxury apartments in Mexico, $1,000,000 real estate investments in Dubai, several $100,000 cars, and some service where you pay $500,000 for a quarter share of an expensive house. Good thing you didn't make this video with my account.

    22. Fubu 333

      Honestly Futon is so smart. I’m glad they went back to school to move up in life.

    23. Levi Turner

      young Seteve Buscemi

    24. Delaney Dunn

      Is anyone else really curious as to what Drew searched that made Instagram think he needed a dome helmet?

    25. Ra fa

      part 2 please

    26. cameron archambault

      Vuoris actually a pretty good brand, I love the sweatpants

    27. Hubertus das Kannickel

      EXCUSE me but was that A Day to remember - Mr. Highway´s thinking about the end at 4:43?!

    28. No no

      I watched this all the way through so you could get some of your money back. Hope that helps.

    29. Aidan Foca

      Pillow cube is actually mad comfortable

    30. Mop Bucket

      i can get sweat pants for a better quality than that for $41 i would know because i bought sweatpants for $41

    31. ryan rollins

      Hail the sun!

    32. FEELUX

      btw 'vuori' is finnish for mountain.... and insulation i guess? anyhow i hate how these brands just pick a random finnish word for their name, shame on them

    33. Ark Angel

      Not on instagram much?

    34. billnyethebigguy

      7:56 is he trying to influence targeted ads in incognito mode

    35. bigguy4389

      Why is it Drew is reminding me of Austin Powers with that helmet on 😂😂😂

    36. Karl Marksman

      there are hot shingles on my roof

    37. Big Blast

      This guy looks like slimecicle ngl

    38. Greta

      This is simultaneously the most "ad" ad I've ever watched, but also the best one.

    39. misato best gurl

      ive rewatched this video a couple of times. this is the first time i got an ad before the video.

    40. Oh Yeah Yeah

      My goodness I wanna have that shirt

    41. WayneGlensky 99

      ever time i watch drew i crap my pants of laughter 😂, great video danny!

    42. Angela Lewis

      The moon pod looks smaller than advertised. Maybe the woman was very tiny?

    43. Sanita Sikora


    44. Luisa Tolda

      i am CRYING, this whole video is HILARIOUS hahahahaha

    45. pay1370

      Lmao i just game the system to get free samples on facebook. Did you know that if you got an add for a free sample, people near you get the same add aftee scrolling for a bit?

    46. D. Vuijk

      I get quite a few car commercials on social media, this would be a life destroying challenge for me

    47. Logan Sateia

      Why are u the walmart brand of john Mullaney

    48. Dramatic Replays

      Your cadence reminds me of John muhlaney's. You may get that a lot..

    49. Tony Bishop

      As someone who lives in new mexico it always intrigued me how popular those chili candies are with all the weird hoes who brag about their dad being in prison

    50. Natália P.

      I just kept thinking "oh God he's rich wtf"

      1. EntropyOnline

        I mean hello fresh paid for it really. Plus all of us viewers and the ad revenue we generate for him.

    51. moira. lees

      Do you think that the company paid people to make one-star reviews with positive written reviews, to make the product look better? Am I just thinking why too much into this?

    52. Aint Falco

      legit been thinking about getting a pillow cube for a while now. I have too much shoulder for one pillow but not enough for two. Also, very cute cat, 13/10

    53. Mason

      I did se an add before this video and it said don’t suicide yourself

    54. Jessica Seo

      This man is so good at making videos he could literally post anything and I know I would be entertained

    55. Evsra X

      This video is sponsored by your yearly tax returns and write offs

    56. Nmacdonald 15

      Lmao the helmet is literally a Seva suit from STALKER.

    57. SP1NX

      i did this and now im going to disney land paris in my brand new toyota eating some peri peri chikcen

    58. YOJC PIE

      Mexican spicy candy is my favorite kind of candy

    59. Sullen Sigh

      a hail the sun fan, nice!

    60. Sir Zacharia

      You can get good bidets for half the price of the tushy. Avoid it and get something that actually provides metal fittings and are half the price.

    61. Arsen Wey

      Pov you have SEprom primmum

    62. Fratimo

      Hello Drew this is your landlord, I just wanted to say to stop wasting your money on this shit and start paying rent

    63. HAMM

      drew is a rockin guy

    64. Joseph G

      Anyone notice how Drew always has confirmation bias towards all his prejudgments? Earned an unsub

      1. ecks the orphan murderer


    65. sugarbcrry


      1. ecks the orphan murderer

        @sugarbcrry shart y

      2. sugarbcrry

        @ecks the orphan murderer thank u shawty 🤞🤞

      3. ecks the orphan murderer

        @sugarbcrry swag sharty

      4. sugarbcrry

        @ecks the orphan murderer that is true i drew that 👍

      5. ecks the orphan murderer

        tommy pfp

    66. Saga

      My man looks like Austin powers with the “air” thing on

    67. Mr. Raccoon


    68. Allspiceful

      FB once advertised to me , no joke, whale FLAVORED horse meat...

      1. Mel ・ ゚・。

        well... did you buy it?

    69. Wendy Russo

      Wow ! I love yo sleep on my P-Ube

    70. Christie b

      It's Mexican candy. I think you just have to grow up eating it. My white husband loves stuff like that.

    71. E A

      Talk about politics

    72. Nia Huey

      10:56 somehow I managed to actually be offended 😂

    73. BaWy

      just so you know, footprint means how much space it takes

    74. Erin Janicki

      i have bad news-the worst ads are actually on tumblr. all of them are incomprehensible at this point.

      1. Antoinette

        The worst ads are on SEprom itself imo

      2. ThiccBoiBruno

        all of mine are about opiods for some reason

    75. Sahana Rajesh

      nah bc sittin gon the floor in the rain sounds pretty damn good

    76. Viva Lia

      Can't believe people complain about wearing masks. Imagine wearing that! Good thing you bought the mood pod lmao. Literally look like an astronaut.

    77. Stephen

      DUDE! nice Hail the Sun hoodie. great vid too.

    78. sean m

      best pillow ever? COOP Home Goods Pillow

    79. Emily Lerman

      so wasteful

    80. julieanne flores


    81. MikiGameplays

      17:36 What do you do if you sneezed?

    82. Rahul Saxena

      16:35 that burp Reminds me of Peter Griffin !

    83. nohsara

      The air dome is somehow more dystopian than the bottled air from the Lorax

    84. nohsara

      He should see what college bookstores charge for sweatpants with their logo on it (Hint: its at least $70)

    85. nohsara

      I bought some brushes (for digital painting) that I saw on an IG ad once, and they look fantastic and props to the artist who made them.... only problem is I use Photoshop and I didnt realize the brushes only work in Procreate 🥲 EDIT: I SWEAR TO GOD I DIDNT KNOW HELLO FRESH WAS SPONSORED IN THIS VIDEO (for real though hello fresh is a scam compared to everyplate, its like 3x the price and has almost the exact same recipes - everyplate is owned by hello fresh and uses mostly the same ingredients, but for some reason they put some of the ingredients in different packaging and also design the recipe cards differently. I know all this because i researched like 4 different review articles bc i was trying to figure out what AMAZING food was in hello fresh that could justify it’s greatly inflated price tag). Anyways END EDIT HERE lol I also signed up for everyplate awhile back (IG ad showed a coupon for a free box and I had just gotten a job that pays $15/hr + commissions - yay bare minimum wage expectations), and although I skip it about 70% of weeks now to save money, I 100% do not regret it. Im a terrible cook mostly bc I dont know how to put ingredients together into a cohesive meal. But now even on weeks i dont get the box i at least have 2 or 3 reliable ideas i can get from Kroger and make on my own. Plus i love trying new cuisines and i get bored with the same foods quickly

    86. nohsara

      Can you imagine if trailers for like playstation or nintendo games outright lied like mobile game ads do. Like you see an ad for BotW2 before a YT vid next year, but instead of the actual game it shows a completely different game, like Link driving in a Forza race and the text just says “only .1% can become the hero of time, can you?”

    87. wozerD

      why do you sleep with your wife that is so wierd

    88. jaredliv

      Drew why did you cut the part when you used the bidet?

    89. Dylan Arreola

      The industrial revolution and it's consequences

      1. M's LT

        @Dylan Arreola in a barn when modern medicine wasn’t much of a thing? When the poor were poorer?

      2. Dylan Arreola

        @M's LT i would non-ironically rather live in a barn than filling my lungs with dirty air and pay for a overpriced rent

      3. M's LT

        Lol acting like living in a barn is better than having to deal with ads.

    90. S N

      Lmaoo “or for some reason clicking on it and skipping directly to this part” 💀 and then the depression clinic comment 💀

    91. Engo Bellix

      Vuori is finnish for mountain lol

    92. Goldie

      IG shows me a lot of clothes I like but they’re all so expensive so I just keep tabs open in my safari to randomly by them one day

    93. Nikki J

      I laughed out loud when you were drinking with that stupid helmet on 😂😂

    94. Sandra King

      The amused hedge endosonographically nod because food willy scold against a tightfisted wool. impossible, unnatural valley

      1. Mashroom

        I could not agree more Sandra

    95. Liam Ryan

      Nice future past life vinyl on the shelf

    96. KaîÇee Crane

      "See how long my neighbors stop talking to me" There are products for that, I want please

    97. aguonu pieva

      To the “obscure made up name”: vuori means “mountain” or “peak” in Finnish 😄

    98. Ninenames

      Purple Luigi, Small Stewart, Wrong Sully, Cheesebread, Seductive Seafood, Motor Vehicle, Danny Gonzalez

    99. Kim Foster

      The helmet was the best! Lmfao.

    100. Were you right?

      Bro something happens to my fridge every few days and I unplug it for a bit... It happens...