MTV's Most Awkward Show

Drew Gooden

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    this show is awesome!!!

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    1. Chioma Ben

      That catfish bit went on for too long and I love it

    2. Dax Ennenbach

      The people in this comment really think this is real lol

    3. Chrissy Henderson

      "I still love him" I am going to throw up

    4. Chaz 56

      Hi Drew I started hello fresh at your recommendation a while ago but never gave you credit for it. Idk how to do it now but thank you it slaps!

    5. jackie malfi

      This man didn’t miss her at all. His ego was so bruised when she ghosted him that he just needed to see her again to see that he can get her back and be the one to reject her. What a manipulative insecure freak lmao

    6. Michael Synoracki

      Thank you for having the ads at the end of the video

    7. albret einstong

      i’m this close 🤏 to turning completely lesbian and this man is part of the reason why lmao

    8. Lauren M

      I lost it at "This is my first time talking"

    9. Miguel Antonio

      Even if this show is fake, sounds pretty interesting, i would watch it if i had cable

    10. Midnight Raven Queen

      This show: You shouldn’t have ghosted him. Girl: He made disgusting sexual jokes about me behind my back at a comedy show and then harassed to come on this show. This show: Oh…well… you still shouldn’t have done that.

    11. Abe A

      Okay terrible show aside, That is some of the worst stand up I've ever seen

    12. nikole

      *Nsync Stan omg I love you

    13. Mari C.

      4:56 LMAOOO

    14. Lukas Sjögren

      I love how people think just because somebody is bi means they’re a sex god

    15. PlanetB1ue

      So that girl Jordan is a feminist bisexual who overreacts when someone says something about her.

    16. corn cob

      12:11 "She loves me and I love her" 12:49 "I decided to ghost" Translation: "yeah so like.. I just wanna get you back for ghosting me for legitimate reasons"

    17. M.G. Simpson

      Her fault for dating Son of Sam.

    18. B Boselli

      The sketch in the beginning is inspired on a community episode and I'm here for it

    19. Big Box

      That guy looks like Elijah wood at home

    20. Savannah S.

      Nobody cares about the golden globes anymore

    21. Possum Boy

      God this guy is a creep. Everything about him sets off huge red flags hardcore.

    22. Rodent


    23. Molly :D

      He’s hilarious the impersonations are golden never stop making these QUALITY reviews

    24. Tokyo_Rolling64


    25. LilyBilly

      I was almost on Ghosted!! They called me to elaborate on me and my ex-friends story. They wanted to exaggerate it? And then they reached out to her and she never responded I don't think, so they Ghosted me 😂 probably a good thing.

      1. Lost in the Sauce

        I think you dodged a bullet.

      2. Ben watson


    26. Adam Abo

      Wow that Rachel host is actually a former bachelorette and lawyer

    27. Kenshin6321

      I called that number and takes me to a Ukraine butcher shop?

    28. Blue Jay Jenna

      Wait what the fuck happened to makena? The other person she was seeing while they were together?

    29. Blue Jay Jenna

      "she Bisexaul and I'm half a virgin" Those two things have nothing to with each other Your sexuailty doesn't define your virgin status? Your virgin status doesn't affect your sexaul orientation? Hmmmmm

    30. Eden S

      "Nonononono she's the puppet " Damn, home girl be lookin fire 💯

    31. Colin Cheng

      The previous cloud hisologically mine because button presently drag since a kaput steam. fragile, nippy mouth

    32. Kevin Rosengren

      i just subscribed. hello drew I am very pleased with binge-watching ur content for several hours every couple of months. if u see this (no acknowledgement or recognition needed) just know that I will be happy. :)

    33. Hachi Querubin

      I swear I hope this is the last girlfriend he ever had if he doesn't take vulnerable stuff seriously.

    34. SinrOne

      Man this is some whacky shit. What even is this show

    35. Dante Coates

      Who the f ghosts someone for 9 months and still be love???

    36. Jack Schoon

      Teen grandma sounded like something that would actually exist... so I googled it thinking it was and then felt very stupid

      1. Faust VI


    37. Random Internet Guy

      13:00 she is so out of his league. He fucked it up so much. Its ok to make jokes at another person's expense. As long as they know, and you have their consent. She clearly had a good reason for ghosting him and never seeing him again. I mean, even if you did want to talk to her again, getting some random people to stalk her, and her friends' social media in order to get a way to contact her, is clearly not the correct way to go about it.

    38. Poppylan

      Dat fuk?!

    39. Lopside


    40. Blake Laisure

      Wow men really do suck

    41. Davy Jones

      THIS fuckin guy

    42. Davy Jones

      Not that I want to revive one of the most annoying things in the world, but Ross, uh LET IT GO, LET IT GOOOOOOO

    43. colo -

      bro but his stand up was ON POINT bro somebody blow this man up he deserves some credit for that

    44. Chris Kyle

      He looks like David Berkowitz

    45. Jeremiah Roman

      Please tell me this shows heavily scripted 😕

    46. MeatyMeatyMooo

      this guy a whole ass virgin, possibly 1.5

    47. Miss. Danni Tiger

      This show is insane! 10:40 screw this guy. He doesn't deserve her!

    48. Dylan is a Memelord

      From jackass to this

    49. Aaron Rosario

      Dude you are so freaking hilarious!!! Your sense of humor is killer!! I've laughed harder than anything in a long time

    50. MultiMightyQuinn

      Holy crap what a train wreck. It's like a fine spoiled milk....grab a wiff!!!

    51. Thatone Legend

      The girl who slept with a game show host on the first night gets mad at her bf for talking about their sex life. What no father figure does to a mf

      1. just a smøl tøwn gir

        I mean, her emotions are still valid, buttttt

    52. Annie Tang

      WTF MTV

    53. TheSlacky775

      OMG the stalker guy from the MTV show looks just like the 1970s serial killer David Richard Berkowitz [AKA] The son of SAM . Look it up

    54. Hannah Schriever

      The whole premis of this show is toxic

    55. Rouquin TPDLG

      Go girlboss !!!!!!! Get his manipulative ass on live tv this guy’s trash edit: nvm this show is insane wtf is going on she still loves him ??

    56. Natalia Vidrio

      Ghosted is like a weird version of catfish...

    57. Clayton Jones

      Lol how was the comedy disgusting or disrespectful? Shitty jokes, but she's crazy af lmfaooo

      1. just a smøl tøwn gir

        I think it’s because it was crossing her boundaries.

    58. Dango Tango

      Is that the son of sam in the thumbnail? Homie looks like a serial killer.

    59. Retro Star Wars Gamer

      Bro ridiculousness is awesome i love that show

    60. Zen Cooly03

      omg when Drew makes fun of how that guy points his finger LOL xD

    61. Snake Whitcher

      This guy's dad is definitely David Berkowitz.

    62. Maou-chan

      Wait... you know that show is fake right?

    63. I

      Hes half a virgin, which means he had gay sex one time but that doesnt really count

      1. just a smøl tøwn gir


    64. Jesse Lobsinger

      Wait. Her dad left her when she was a kid... and she calls him daddy.

    65. Alan Robb

      Surely this thing is scripted to the word? It can’t be this bad

    66. C.K-da-Kxng Here

      4:48 Funniest 9 seconds of my life

    67. Glen Coco

      Does anyone else fee like the woman at 14:51 is slurring her words a lot?

    68. E V E R Y T H I N G

      Hey drew you make me enjoy watching ads. I don't like you.

    69. Oversaturated Shrimp

      If this was a project I worked on I’d retire and change my name immediately after. Pain.

    70. User unknowns RB

      This guy is creepy asf this nice guy finish last shit has to end 😂 no lie this guy did have some decent jokes tho

    71. Nicole Bee

      That show is clearly fake I'm not sure how anyone could think it's real.

    72. riddle

      how do you be half virgin

    73. milkfluff

      i know someone’s probably said it but after watching son of sam i realised who that creep ross, reminds me of its david berkowitz!! same dead soulless eyes

    74. Nico Neeks

      Okay but respect to Jordan for being so brave and standing up to him but no thanks to the show for forcing her to

    75. Kay D.

      Woman here. Guys, if we ghosted you, than you most likely made us feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

    76. Oli M

      I watched this video before but watching it again makes me equally as pissed off about the outcome , like fffuuuucckkk this guy!!!!! And especially fuck him for saying he was obsessed with her and why she left for 9 months and then saying he changed his mind and had no feelings for her anymore , like AKSHDHJSFJKDKD THIS WHOLE THING HAS INCENSED ME!!!!!

    77. Spoder

      10:16 this is peak comedy you should become a comedian

    78. Willow S

      This is so uncomfortable but at least it looks pretty fake? So there’s a brightside

    79. Lune's face

      Please review the cult episode!!

    80. av

      "teen grandma" you what??

    81. FloofyFiona

      I think the black girl looks like discount Rihanna, she looks very pretty but all I see is discount Rihanna.

    82. milicika

      Love you drew but actually yeah it’s important to hear why they want nothing to do with us, being ghosted is hard, lot of overthinking, not sleeping and stuff, had to say it, i get it’s a joke and you don’t mean anything bad. But it is agonizing, and whoever sees this comment and has been through it or going through it please don’t think “what did I do wrong” , i had a very bad year thinking that way❤️

    83. Reina Carranza

      This whole thing seems staged 😂😂😂😂

    84. Reina Carranza

      Why does the comedy seem staged 😂😂

    85. Skrot

      The worst thing is that a man stalking his ex is so normalized. Its just something to expect, but it should *never* be like that!!!!

    86. P M

      Get me on tinderella!

    87. NolieRavioli

      They're just girlfriend jokes, I don't know if he put any personal stuff out there.. more like intimate stuff, and surely he comes off as a shady creep for being so secretive about it when it seemingly involves her experiences. But I don't know why anyone cares about the episode, the relationship, or honestly this video about the whole situation, tbh probably better to just like not make that girl feel really uncomfortable, then pressure her onto a show only to make her cry and resolve literally nothing except the audiences curiosity. How strange.

    88. clarabell CCIX

      Ross gives me *MAJOR* David Berkowitz vibes-

    89. Edward Cranium

      Is teen grandma a real show??

    90. Wildflower wildfire

      Talking to him about it wouldn’t make any difference at the first place

    91. PROOF isALIVE

      Thanks for curing my depression

    92. Dubscheckem

      "She sounds traumatized" yeah I wonder why

    93. WhtKnight Nemesis

      Damn, drew. You hit every ball w perfect precision & strength. "....wait are u crying bc of me??" 😄. "I uh...wanna lose the other half of my virginity, would that be ok?" Cuts to her bursting in tears 🤣. Then other dude, a complete stranger, literally swoops in & leads her out w his arms around her. Feels like something the other girl shouldve done; not an inherently negative person (idealistic realist), but looked & felt incredibly predatory w a fat side dish of ulterior motives

    94. Mule The Donkey

      lol what about mckenna, who she's dating? She had that dramatic pause too

    95. Mine Tatli


    96. rania

      this is just acting right

    97. wii remote


    98. Jillian Rachael

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but he didn't actually say her name or reveal any identifying info in his comedy. So I guess I can understand her being slightly embarrassed, but literally NOBODY except her and the half virgin knew it was her. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ I wouldn't have ghosted him over that. Talked to him? Sure. But I do feel like her trauma and baggage may have caused her to overreact a little bit.

      1. just a smøl tøwn gir

        I think that’s really likely

    99. arviinjoseph

      Weird ass video. No “hi guy” at the beginning and no pinned in the comments.