Netflix's Awful Christmas Movies

Drew Gooden

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    1. Drew Gooden

      These movies killed so many of my brain cells that I forgot Emma Roberts’ name.


        i was finna say emma watson looking rough nowadays

      2. Basic man

        500th reply

      3. DerpyDood


      4. The Beets

        This was such a funny video bahah

      5. Jonatgan

        do you understand the panic that raced through my mind at the thought that i hadnt known emma roberts all along

    2. Ava Sarah

      Wow venessa’s standards have really lowered since high school musical

    3. Liz M

      2:06 wait is that Katie Mcgrath? hahhjajjajaja

    4. tissuee

      Ok drew

    5. Jason Mares

      Klaus is a legit Netflix Christmas classic tho

    6. Canon Kingsley

      Emma Watson sure looks alot like Emma Roberts.

    7. Eskew Roberts

      To be fair, the guy who spent all his time taking care of the 4 kids sounds like he deserves a happy ending .... none of the others tho

    8. milky chan

      not them taking the iconic diner scene from Thor and putting it in the christmas movie-

    9. Shee Eeep

      Cole really went the whole movie lookin like a tall knock off pippin

    10. Magekat

      i liked the knight before Christmas idk man

    11. Levi Ackerman

      Drew, you reviewed the KFC movie on the wrong channel. SMH

    12. April Sylvester

      “Christmas is a time for wonder and magic and plot holes” 😂😂😂

    13. Alan Ramsay

      You should check out Just Another Christmas a time loop film where a dad wakes up every Christmas Eve one year later. Also Steel Rain an action thriller about a North Korean coup set at Christmas.

    14. Name Less

      “Hey guyyyy” so cute

    15. StarDust Stables

      *get away from those children! you share characteristics with the hag!!!*

    16. The Untamed Moose

      Can you make a Christmas movie? Please?

    17. Gabify


      1. Gabify


    18. internet time


    19. Blue Fire

      Why am watching it again?

    20. No Name

      13:49 this is where it began

    21. Sunset Sky

      Oh how Kristin Chenoweth has fallen 😔🤚

    22. nohsara

      The Princess Switch (Switched Again) straight up ripped off the cover of the Princess Diaries

    23. Kayla Jay

      Love you guy!

    24. aha no ur too sexy

      oh my god the knight before christmas was a fever dream i literally forgot about watching this until you mentioned it

    25. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      No, you've got a point. I am somehow live in space yet am simultaneously British. But I'm not complaining, have you heard the way I pronounce _speciality?_ It's awesome.

    26. Poopenshnapples

      You are an excellent presenter! Hilarious stuff!

    27. friend

      hey guy

    28. Arnold Mogieliński

      _Emma Watson_ 2x COMBO

    29. That Guy

      Also in the selfie scene her hand isnt on the same side as the picture button on the phone

    30. Broquè Trashè

      I appreciate Drew wasting his time to watch garbage movies on behalf of us 🥺

      1. M's LT

        Honestly it’s fun lol.

    31. Cad Chamberlain

      these movies suck, but vanessa hudgens is so fine so i like them.

      1. George Girard

        Down bad, but if you’d ask I agree

    32. Dead Memez

      Wait wouldn’t the knight in the knight film die from a cold because he does not have an immune system that can resist modern colds and flus

    33. Alyssa Hayes

      Love how evil vanessa hudgens is also the real vanessa hudgens

    34. potatopouf

      drew said the movie starred emma watson but this is false. its emma roberts. you got me excited and then sad. cause if it was emma watson then i would have been excited.

    35. Who’s Toxicc??

      I’ve never liked Christmas movies 💀

    36. dingdingdingdiiiiing

      Look, 5:50 a female version of Jack Black that Hollywood got shipped from Wish.

    37. Ashley

      The guy in Christmas in California looks like a knock off zach effron

    38. Rojina Karimirad

      prince of peoria was a favourite of mine a few years ago, it’s a sitcom for middle schoolers and the characters’ friendships are really adorable. i may or may not be watching its christmas special right after i finish the video.

    39. Shania Williams

      Omg I loved holidate 😂😂

    40. Melisa Caceres

      The Christmas Knight is Vanessa taking the role of the human blank paper sheet. She didn't even knew how to knot his tie.

    41. Abigail Heberle

      I love how he says hey guy like his fans are one big guy

    42. Cyberbrickmaster1986

      The only Netflix Christmas movie I've seen is Klaus, mainly because I heard good things about it and its attempt to resurrect the medium of 2D animation, which has been absent from Hollywood for way too long. Also, when thinking about time travel, if someone from even 100 years ago traveled to the present, they could get arrested for judging society because what is considered okay now, wasn't really back then. And if you go back to 2000 years ago, that can open up a whole new can of worms!

    43. diapason

      drew: today is december me, on the 1st of june: haha yeah

      1. Nomonde Andi

        2nd of June✌

    44. el esposo de hermione

      Emma Watson plays Madison in AHS Emma Roberts plays Mary Jane in Spiderman AND Emma stone plays hermione in Harry Potter

    45. TomTheTruckdriver

      Hilarious as always!

    46. BreEzer


    47. Burned Edits

      Wait did drew call Emma Roberts Emma Watson?


      8:22 thor

    49. I Stole Your Cookies

      Me always expecting, " hey Greg" but hears "hey guy". Welp. You two should just make another channel that you both are the creators. Then we don't have to go back and forth through Danny's channel and yours. Just a thought 👍🏼

    50. Johnny Collier

      8:22 this reminded me of that one scene in thor

    51. Chronica

      "Another one, wrench" Cole knew what he was doing

    52. Dione Martins

      What is an old crone? A crone is an old witch Sooo... She's an old old witch?

    53. Waffles

      Do you think these writers will ever talk to an actual person and find out how that's supposed to be done? I don't think a single couple in any of these movies has anything resembling chemistry.

    54. Viya Bhalke

      Remember those times when Christmas movies were good

    55. Davi Villano

    56. King Overdose

      Cowdoy Zac Efron

    57. numberguts

      5:11 i live in Bracebridge, Ohio but its actually Bracebridge, Ontario cause they film half of these hallmark shits here and pretend its america so its more relatable or something

    58. Teddy

      Is this the girl that said she wanted to star in a Netflix series?

    59. luisa

      sorry to tell you but people still go to the mall 😔

    60. Claire

      uh oh his tree broke

    61. Miranda M

      when this movie came out, someone on twitter pointed out that the knights name is literally "Circle" and i haven't unheard it since

    62. Geovanni Botticella

      Drew is diet John Mulaney

    63. Helena Bonamigo

      I actually watched a California Christmas because of this video and it sucks, thank you drew!

    64. Gnossienne Gymnopedie


    65. Jared Erwin

      Yuh know I have a review of the Christmas classic “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever” over on my channel

    66. Lucky Ducky


    67. Calvin Sky

      bruh does drew godden have finalmous?

    68. Indybot

      I think my favorite generic white Christmas movie is "A Christmas Wish," by hallmark? I think??? It's the one where a woman wishes for love and is cursed to a living hell of her own design where every man she sees does a romcom meet-cute at her. Also they snuck a gay AND Jewish couple in there. (They're the same couple. Gotta be efficient with that representation!)

    69. Oathkeeper Keyblade

      Fun fact, a kid from my school is a background dancer in that Dolly Parton movie.


      11:01 It would me much more realistic if the teenager was black.

    71. RoJax_TheVoice TM


    72. cole_cole

      is it just me or do any of you also think he actually loves these movies

    73. Croptical 2.0

      Stranger kids 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    74. ramona's shit show

      9:48 she has a fucking ring

      1. Excuse U?

        I hate it when married people flirt

    75. Teaghan Kelly

      Legend has it that Drew still hasn't found

    76. dee

      7:35 isn't that taemin's dream meet cute

    77. nainafavs

      Vanessa voice over: I hit him with my car Me: oh geesh... Really? I thought you were picking him up with your bumper. Fucking hell... 🙄 Also.. Isn't it just adorable and so sexy (and not scary at all) to see a man violently thrashing Christmas ornaments with his steel sword.. I think I might be in love.. 😒🤦🏻‍♀️

    78. Robert Odhiambo


    79. ThatThingOnYourFace

      I honestly thought that was Ryan Gosling in the back for Holidate too. They even referenced him so I thought that's where the movie was going but guess they could only afford the lookalike lol

    80. Kaitlyn Thompson


    81. XoXoGGjade Van Wal der Dorfsen

      16:01 LETS GO TO THE MALL ToDaYY ~Robin Scherbatsky CanadianPopStar&MallIcon HowIMetYourMother

    82. XoXoGGjade Van Wal der Dorfsen

      13:54 IM SOO EXCITED😁 OMG I barely dreamed youd talk about this one. its Emma Roberts btw not watson. roberts is in scream queens, nancy drew, we are the millers. she is suuch a good actress & We are the Millers & Nancy Drew r such great films. emma watson was in beauty & the beast live action, the ___ a wallflower, seth rogens' end of the world: as herself & shes hermione in U know what i hope 😄

    83. Rainbow Lemniscate

      Sir Cole threatening to brutally dismember a pickpocket and then the police immediately offering him a job is damning evidence that we do, in fact, live in a society.

    84. timothy sexton

      Lmao how did he not make a joke about how the definition of a “crone” was an “old lady or hag” so to name her the “old crone” is incredibly redundant, She’s the “old old hag” lol

    85. OceanLNR

      Why does the guy from Holidate look like Alex from Linus Tech Tips

    86. QuicheMan

      The Knight movie is literally just samurai jack but Christmas

    87. Ethan Young

      I live where Cole’s from and I hate that

    88. k1ng wAk0

      I literally laughed out loud that you kept calling her Emma watson. Also mario Lopez looks like a buff colonel sanders.

    89. Cup of Swing

      I just realized that at the end of the video Drew calls Emma Roberts Emma Watson. Had anyone else said this i wouldn’t have cared. But Emma Roberts co-starred in Little Italy, a movie Drew reviewed. I am so disappointed in you Drew. Unsubscribed.

    90. Jan Jorgensen

      "Switch to the Hague" Wat.

    91. Starlight :3


    92. Anthony Cabalan

      Nice vid Danny

    93. Super_Bakon

      Gee golly, it's almost like you watch Jacksfilms

    94. Lipstickamor

      oh no, I actually enjoyed watching some of these movies. Does that mean I am not a smart person??????????

      1. Total War Timelapses

        No, well the knight movie doesn't sound so bad, it's a feel-good brainless movie with a decent premise even if it's not executed the best way I'd have honestly watched it myself if I caught it on TV

    95. Kliamframe

      Seeing this in May seems well fit

    96. Patrick Scannell

      Im gonna nitpick the movie nitpicker now: a 13th century knight could only be from Europe, as there were none in the New World. Skunks live only in the New World. Ergo, the 13th century knight will have never seen or known a skunk. And the movie is therefore accurate on that point.

    97. k0rt0pi

      these are all movies my mom would unironically enjoy

    98. Emily Diekemper

      13:45 A Marvel-style cinematic universe of multiple movies with different time traveling knights all being sent to Vanessa Hudgens is bizarre enough that I would watch it. As long as all of the actors take it very, very seriously, it's going to be hilarious.

    99. dudemankris


      1. Excuse U?


    100. Jennifer Hoffmann

      You forgot that now Netflix said that a knight for Christmas and a princess switch are in the same universe which means there's a 4th twin