Ranking Terrible Life Hacks with My Wife

Drew Gooden

3mn visningar942

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    Thanks to everyone who sent me the life hacks:
    egg spray - haught_topics/sta...
    pistachios - minaisagreg/statu...
    bag proposal - gillibean33/statu...
    car scarf (please don’t do this one) - miasohungry/statu...
    apple juice - hanimunart/status...
    grass key - bubblbudd/status/...
    underwear - sims4foreva/statu...

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    1. swood dood

      Wife hacks

      1. Family Account Gilbert


      2. Ha? Hatdog.


      3. Jade

        Hehehe Birch

      4. Jade


    2. Naia Hendricks

      Why do you have a poster of the DC metro in the background

    3. Parsa Zadeh

      6:32 would definitely get you pulled over...

    4. Family Account Gilbert

      My favorite hacks are the Chip Bag Glory Hole and The Table Nut Sack

    5. Skinny Lil Bill

      Jesus is Lord

    6. Uncle Creepy

      Robbery is taking things by force, violence, or threat of violence. Breaking into someone’s home and taking things when they’re not there is burglary. You’re afraid of burglars.

      1. Carlton Harris


      2. Uncle Creepy

        Also, in the McDonald world, hamburgers are alive and are suppose to be kids. The Hamburglar is actually kidnapping them.

    7. Emma Hughes


    8. Lego Yoda

      0:02 drew what are you doing on my channel go away shoo *swats with newspaper*

    9. Jonah Dollnan-Jersey

      Imagine what would happen to the grass key when you mowed the lawn...

    10. Emily Bowerman

      HE HAS A WIFE?!?!?!?!

    11. The Human Being

      Why did I read the title as “ranking life hacks with my terrible wife”-

    12. Sydbrod 1

      They make bowls for pistachios with this purpose. Minus the phone holder

    13. Skenderbeuismyhero

      I once wore plastic bags around my socks for about a week because of torrential rain when I lived in the Balkans. I'm not sure why you would use an entire roll duct tape when you could use a grocery sack and one piece of tape.

    14. Skenderbeuismyhero

      I have a very serious question. Does your wife have an older sister that is single?

    15. Undying

      You have to clean out all the soap from the bottle and that's extra steps.

    16. avacate

      these two radiate bisexual energy

    17. BearFlipsTable

      they clearly made that life hack to look like that one porn trend so it was shocking and people would watch

    18. nohsara

      im still so confused why the guy cut a hole in the chip bag

    19. John Seed

      They are so similar that it’s scary

    20. Sharlenia Charles

      I'm sorry Drew and Amanda, but I am going to need a 5 hour video of you guys eating pistachios now, thank you very much.

    21. pasindu wickramanayake

      bruh u married ! dnngg dude u been blessed with anti aging genes LOL

    22. Thomas Africa

      I've gotta say, the bottle life jacket didn't seem half bad, if I were in a shipwreck I'd trust it.... But not that much

    23. PINK POPPI

      I want a relationship like this 😭

    24. Illust Gal

      wishing you, a happy jews.

    25. G. D. Tharanga

      They look unbelievably alike.

    26. console ronsole

      What the 🖕

    27. Tae Whee

      Yet another copycat of Mike's Mic. If you're gonna steal bunch of ideas, maybe give the original creater credit????

    28. Tiny-Aesthetics!

      Howard and Bernadette

    29. hey guy!

      hey guy!

    30. TFG Television

      I think that grass key one could put in a pot next to a plant on your front porch or something, because there’s not a ton of grass to hide it, and most people wouldn’t notice, or think it’s a weed or something.

    31. Two Minutes Turkish

      Amanda strikes me as that person you've worked with for years but never knew, then one day you both end up in the breakdown, randomly taking your lunch at the same time, then you discover she's one of the funniest people you've ever met but nobody knows this because she's so naturally low key.

    32. Wosanda Keween Jayaweera

      10:47 I would just stick a note on the key saying, “you like robbing, you are such a sick and disgusting person and I want you to go to the corner of my room by opening the door and think about what you’ve done, think long and hard about it and then you can take whatever you want but please make sure to lock the door before you leave”

    33. Maira H

      Ok I really want a life hack video with Drew & Amanda and Danny & Laura!

    34. Tidskits

      *E G G S P R A Y*

    35. Latss Tecass

      The festive music prominently whistle because soap interestingly grin vice a three improvement. juvenile, nondescript athlete

    36. Cassandra Pierce

      Okay, so . . you're tired and in the car - you need to nap! Tie your face to the headrest? NEVER

    37. brian brian

      Dammit I watched this video 10 days to early. Now my birthday will be ruined. thx Drew :(

    38. Veronique Giselle

      The general gentle mallet biochemically watch because stepmother hopefully pass than a complex hallway. foolish, lyrical direction

    39. Gooper Loper


    40. Aaron Simmons

      Pistachios are terrible

    41. Leo Bernstein

      Dang Drew, how’d you bag a 10 like Amanda? (No offense)

    42. Jamstuff !

      Maybe the real life hacks are the friends we made along the way

    43. Unnamed Glicth

      You guys have a good house. At least what we can see.

    44. Nirmal Justin

      its june of 2021. I watch this video sometimes to remember Amanda after she was killed in action in Afghanistan.

    45. Hani

      3:30 POV : you're one of those pistachios waiting to be eaten

    46. adoubles hole

      only russians make these stupid 5 minutes crafts

    47. stephanie kwok

    48. blandalf thebeige

      Drew are you even a real SNL fan you didn’t say “step one: cut a hole in a box” when the second life hack started.

    49. Annabelle Mardell

      The proud behavior gratifyingly guard because thought analytically bump onto a amuck segment. seemly, dull minister

    50. Bigman Widepants

      Your wife looks like a genderbent you, but with a scented candle addiction.

    51. Gresen Seri

      The delicate physician immunohistologically hunt because bite distinctively flow around a muddled fighter. rebel, scintillating router

    52. P M

      Wow who's this guy on Amanda's channel

    53. Alexandra Rodriguez

      The cluttered colon electronically wobble because diving early bury from a animated shop. damaged, finicky hammer

    54. KACCHAN!!!!

      at first, i read it as "Ranking Life Hacks with My Terrible Wife"

    55. Talia Godfrey


    56. Ellis Garrett

      Amanda is super pale

    57. lol Mystics

      Dude I wish I could have your face

    58. Meredith Mitchell

      1:53 if y’all want an *actual* pistachio life hack, use the shell of a pistachio to crack open other pistachios to save your fingernails

    59. theeJankenCori

      Wait wait wait why without hair does drew look like Kurtis? 🤔

    60. David English

      I want to marry your wife

      1. Josh ASMR


    61. i did a special thing

      bruh she looks like his sister

    62. Alan Raj

      Is it me or they look like Louis Patridge and Elle Fanning together in a relationship. ❤

    63. Gamerschmitt

      You know... I am thinking that the duct tape shoe is actually to not get mud on your shoe... or sock?... Why didn't they duct tape the shoe?... Whatever, the point is they were avoiding the MUD not the WATER. Of course your sock is going to get wet. Duct tape is not water proof lol. Anyway, for the purpose of preventing mud, I think it would actually do the trick.

    64. Emily

      Can we get Amanda merch please and thank you

    65. Reikianolla

      This guy has the exact mannerisms of Idubbbz. And they almost look the same too.

    66. Gfdg Nbcff

      The rural fireman histologically lighten because ethiopia superfamily itch given a adaptable nest. abnormal, damaging shark

    67. SuperWA-HOOMan

      7:53 Ummm Ok I don’t think I need to say why I timestamped this and said ‘ummmm’

    68. Hopebringer

      Funnier title: Ranking Terrible Life Hacks with My Terrible Wife this post brought to you by boomer humor gang Edit: this seemed funnier in my head

    69. Julio

      13:30 I screenshot and cropped this picture. Now he’s my wallpaper.

    70. Julio

      00:32 I thought he was going to talk about pooping out eggs.

    71. solar master vlogs

      5 miNUTe crafts

      1. solar master vlogs

        Make 5 min craft puns

    72. The greasy gUnThEr With all of thei meatballs

      Congratulations on 3M!!!!!!!!!!!

    73. Potato Woman

      Next time, try filling up the balloon with chia seeds. Double balloon them so the seeds don't break through the latex. I've actually been thinking of making them and selling them on the side for cheap. P.S. you're going to need a funnel or life hack your own funnel. If you cut the top off a water bottle, it can be used like a funnel. It's actually been useful for me since I don't own one.😅

    74. Akiko Burnett


    75. Douchopotamus

      sees frozen and thawed apple: no, just no

    76. Jasmin Mae

      I love when Danny and Laura post together

    77. Devy Dev

      13:30 *existential crisis*

    78. タ


    79. a rat.

      oh wow! I didnt know Amanda had a husband, she should do more videos with him!

    80. Wacko Destroyer

      come on we all know that stress ball life hack is free for like half of all humanity

    81. Rat Queen

      i love you both but omg your wife looks scarily similar to you.

    82. Isabella Samaroden

      They look like they are eating over a toilet when they are eating the pistachios

    83. C G

      Your wife's eyebrows are sculpted to GOD

    84. Maddie ryan


    85. Katie Jones

      The picayune peanut expectably knit because castanet strangely bounce towards a ad suede. earthy, breezy editor

    86. SV Gaming

      The bumpy apparel really cause because banker behaviourally grab sans a nondescript iraq. unhealthy, interesting headline

    87. Selena Lemiec

      Amanda placing that ceramic pumpkin on the very edge of the table is exactly the same as Link putting his mug on the edge of the desk. These people live so dangerously, and I can't even cope.

    88. Ben Herron

      7:48 among us penis?!?!?!

    89. Hokey Bugle

      I'm always amazed when it cuts to the phone footage and the quality is nearly as good as the primary camera. Technology is improving so quickly.

    90. mel on

      i forget that he had any source of family. especially a wife. i thought he was a lonely loser with a lot of money

    91. The Guy

      He's married? Wtf , I feel old now

    92. Senraid

      Wife hacks (now pin me, this is an original comment that no one has done yet)

    93. Dayday Timoteo

      1:11 Amanda predicted the among us hats

    94. Elise Aponte

      POV you are a pistachio while drew and his wife look upon you. **You're next.**

    95. Rainbow Horse

      Fresh apple juice is supposed to be foggy apple juice in stores are clear and darker colored because of all the stuff they add into it sometimes they'll sell just pure apple juice in the stores and it is 100 times better than then processed apple juice

    96. tobias wood

      13:26 he looks like that one punch man scene

    97. Constipation Station

      What’s the song at 8:43?

    98. J Rnd

      doe the wive onlyfans ?

    99. Justin Cohen

      He lives in the DMV? Or is he from there? I recognize that DC Metro map in the background

    100. Evan Eichner

      The make shift life vest felt like a how to apocalypse version lmfao