Snapchat is so dumb

Drew Gooden

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    1. Michael Thavis

      The guys videos he just complains about how dumb things are i’m starting to think he’s the dumb one

      1. manfeetchill 69


      2. Hazza_Bear

        Wait you can’t reply after 500 reply’s right so I’m replying so I can reply so people know I was here

      3. Lucas Chao

        @canary harry no

      4. HeavyMetal221

        Your grammar is so poor, I have no idea what you're talking about. You may be the "dumb one"?

      5. Derrick Clinchof Derrick Clinchof

        sorry but what does that even mean did he men "this guys" or am i just dumb

    2. Moist Bryce


    3. silverxstar

      Okay but why is Dennis friends with the cast of Lost on Venmo?? I need an explanation

    4. Skinny Lil Bill

      Jesus is our Savior

    5. Skinny Lil Bill

      Jesus is Love

    6. Skinny Lil Bill

      Jesus is Lord

    7. Skinny Lil Bill

      Jesus died for our sins

    8. 0 00000

      It was the SNL episode

    9. Wolfebane42

      How should I feel that I can identify that King's Quest 5 music from only the first 3 notes?

    10. Leyla Nasib

      6:21 sometimes people just remake dear sister

    11. Ava Pulliam

      i’m okay with other snapchat shows but the magic show grinds my gears. it’s so annoying 💀

    12. Jonny H Qwest

      so wait, the kidnapper sends a pic of dude with elizabeth, and then he has already forgotten, because later he asked the wife how she knew about that lol

    13. Izzy -

      I used to watch reaction time and i remember it being really good but... *man* talk about about a plummet in quality

    14. Chris Seamster

      I liked your banana gun movie better than all these 😂😂🤣🤣

    15. imCHILL ✓

      I’m pretty sure streaks are the only reason why ppl still use the app

    16. bork gork

      The Magic Show is literally Anna Rothfuss minus the irony

    17. Oz Alper

      The road work ahead sign

    18. Ego Cheap

      I’m so glad you brought up the cooking thing. I constantly see their Facebook videos shared by people and it’s maddening.

    19. Caio Rezei

      Get outta bed, fall into pool. Real BoJack move right there.

    20. Cliché Originals

      the ads every other snap is the worst part

    21. Lourdes Les

      Those accs are based on food porn LMFAAOAOOAOAOA

    22. Liquid Vinyls

      Apparently those weird rick lax food vids r fetish vids

    23. ryan rollins

      Loving the Contortionist in the back

    24. Cheese Cheese

      Lele Pons fans: 2:53

    25. ripcryjng

      can’t forget the dude cutting fucking balloons

    26. Isaac

      "You won't believe what happened next" Image: A busty woman in a bikini holding a giant inflated hot dog with an open-mouth expression, meanwhile there is a man behind a curtain shushing the camera. The video: "Don't miss Jimmy Fallon tonight at 8pm only on CNN"

    27. saunders kristal


      1. DAISHORYUJIN 95

        What are you trying to say?

    28. Lurline Berrier

      ”EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED.”⚡⚡⚡ " ki.MfTy.BaR " ”DID IT HELP YOU TOO?”⚡⚡⚡ 垃圾 "-LORD" 垃圾 "-LORD"

    29. tuvana Hansman

      ”EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED.” " wu.MfTy.BaR " ”DID IT HELP YOU TOO?” 垃圾 "-LORD" 垃圾 "-LORD"

    30. gingy rocka


    31. Jaxton Peck

      Side note you can only Venmo a maximum of $5,000

    32. Jaon Luttrell

      I think a really good twist would be if they cut the kids head off and the kidnapping was real

    33. Elizabeth Draper

      7:00 as someone who lived in Utah for 3 years I'm whEeziNg

    34. PlopPlippityPlopYo

      This guy reminds me of David Spade so much, but in a better more refreshing way. Is it his child?

    35. yes yea

      2:55 ugh.... that guy didnt fall down technically he fell up because his body went higher.

    36. Alexinho

      The new stupid discover trash sure is, old one was fine.

    37. Plant/Vegetable Rights Matter

      I just think it’s hilarious that they act like $10,000 is a huge amount of money that you can “run away and start a new life” on

    38. missXspencer1

      Honestly, aren't we *all* just clones that murdered our past selves with bananas?

    39. woman


    40. That 1 person That exisits

      I need getting abortion ads on snap even tho I’m a minor :/

    41. Goldie

      This is journalism now, every hip hop Twitter page or blogs all just write 3 paragraphs reiterating information that’s like one sentence long that everyone has already heard or know. It’s really sad ppl actually get paid for this or consider it “work”

    42. Dirty Dirt McGogurt

      Express VPN "Hi, I'm choking." Did I hear that right?

    43. Wisdomatic1

      I thought I already watched all of Danny’s videos... I guess I missed this one

    44. Sam White

      I got so tired of Snapchat’s terrible content I deleted my account completely.

    45. Pete Monaghan

      I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. I laughed a lot. Nice work. Thank you.

    46. uicosole

      4:02 this is your sign to get a plant 🌱

    47. Grace T

      omg youtuber news cameo

    48. Neeltje Lanenga

      this guy looks like dylan heagens ( a dutch content creator)

    49. Hot Garbage

      wait wasn't... Elizabeth also at Burger Palace?

    50. hulk hoagie

      speed the video up at like 15:25 its so funy

    51. Kithxh 01

      Another thing is that all the meme channels have just been recycling memes over and over for years

    52. L

      My dad uses the "🙂"

    53. DXG Fire

      Snapchat,, and Pokémon GO were neck and neck apps of 2016

    54. Mary Evelyn

      I love how drew was reacting to reaction time reacting to a video

    55. Birthquake Records

      Okay but I kinda liked that stupid Burger Palace kidnapping story

    56. Aeryn


    57. Johnson Jame

      This is so rebilican

    58. Daniel Crawford

      I want a shirt with that toilet drawing on it

    59. Erica

      Day bow bow

    60. Sophia Coats-Clemans

      the banana gun segue was better than 90% of the things on snapchat discover

    61. Heather Perleberg

      You need more horizontally striped shirts.

    62. Amy L

      U still coming to Holly's birthday yeah?

    63. girlscoutfather

      I really wish I could remove the Explore tab, man. Makes it feel more like a kid’s app than a messaging app. Just use iMessage now.

    64. Poultry Man

      I saw that wife kidnapper twist from a mile away

    65. Jonathan Gallup

      I fuckin love the way this dude thinks

    66. Shawn Molver

      Bro that unexpected twist had me dead

    67. SuperLiteYT

      ثنين ييخيخؤخيم سحسسجسخيمي. والله اني كنت مشغول

    68. anonymouse

      for the 5:59 skit the old drew come to the phone right now. why? cuz he's dead

    69. Justis Weinmann

      Why does venmo top people have all people from lost.....

    70. Hunter Gregory

      I’m very disappointed that the title of this vid wasn’t “snapcrap”

    71. Raschard Kitane

      The dislikes were from average snapchat enjoyers

    72. Derek Mills

      “Just a small dash of milk” *pours half the jug*

    73. Lucille Murphy

      For some context, sometimes I go to air soft with my brothers on weekends, and a couple of weeks ago one of the guys there asked me if I had a snap and I replied in the most cheerful voice imaginable "No," and I think about that constantly.

    74. *Pəachy daydrəãmš*

      Meanwhile you got that got banned on roblox for swearing ;-;

    75. EM&SUN'S VLOGS

      The Venmo people are lost characters😡

    76. eris barnes

      is it just me or is the blackmail no where near bad enough for him not to call the cops....? like yeah you might lose your wife but he was already cheating on her, why would he care? and why is "we'll kill your daughter" not bad enough blackmail??? why would the cheating be relevant at all????? I know it was a fake kidnapping but it also seems very poorly thought out

    77. Nate Heney

      I actually hate how you make that shirt look cool. I've really hated those shirts for a while and all of a sudden you wear it and boom its cool ffs man 😂😂

    78. 7125Kitten


    79. Keller Pitner

      Love you Drew, but you gotta cut the Charlie Brown look.

    80. CheeryFlame4611

      8:35 bruh just tell your wife you cheated then save your daughter, how in the world would someone use cheating as blackmail, like I think I'd care more about my kid being alive

    81. chris salim

      “Will smith adopts himself” sounds like someone watched Gemini man

    82. Mohammed Khan

      "I know all social media is designed to be a massive waste of time", he says as I nod along, while simultaneously realizing I having been watching a video about snapchat for 20 min

    83. pepinillo

      1:24 i see yuzuru hanyu 👀

    84. Young Alien_420

      4:12 “The Weeknd sparks meme fest” ok...leave the homie alone.

    85. Maather

      i had no idea this part of snapchat exists

    86. Sygneg

      3:12 That video is actually stolen from YT. Some random Karen thought it was a good idea to rip videos off YT and post them to Snapchat. If you wanna know, here's the link to the channel they stole it from:

    87. Ash Russo

      0:50 please tell me are you joking

    88. WildCard

      I didn’t know that air flowy

    89. WildCard

      Are you still falling

    90. Noel Case

      The only thing I use snapchat for is talking to people that only use snapchat

    91. XGBS4L

      I like to think burger palace has milkshakes

    92. Grace Oliver


    93. meggika bofolqi

      The three diamond methodically guarantee because night morphologically connect near a hoc iraq. right, taboo rotate

    94. Tsar Nicholas The Second

      I hurt my toe while watching this 👍👍👍👍Like if you agree!👍👍👍👍

    95. balancebeambitch

      A better ending for the Julia story would be if the wife just happened to be getting Burger Palace at another franchise location, so when the husband told the kidnappers to kill Julia, they did it. And the wife left her husband for his girlfriend who helped her grieve

    96. Moses Agabon

      Snapchat imo was the best app. Sad Kylie literally destroyed it with one tweet.

    97. Deodorant Toothpaste gaming

      The top people on venmo are all characters from lost

    98. Morgan Nye

      Drew Gooden yeah I’m with you that Snapchat should have ever existed since June 1,2012 cause I looked it up on internet archive on my phone, and I found out that if you take pictures on there it stays there forever, and hopefully the world will delete the app from the App Store.

    99. dark nym

      I bet Guy Fieri feels very welcome watching these videos

    100. Maxwell

      Drew had to throw Utah under the bus like that😞