Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess

Drew Gooden

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    At first I was just confused, but now I'm mad.


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    1. Call Me Bill

      Yeah this comment got pinned. Big deal.

      1. DrippyCity

        Ok bill

      2. Andrive


      3. Bread Slice

        okay, bill

      4. Gaia The Leafwing


      5. ParrotPlays


    2. Rune Dancer

      “-and always interrupted by ads.” -ad plays

    3. Lilliana O'Neal

      Drew didn't even get to whatever is happening on BET

    4. Madve

      john mulaney

    5. Leonard Fabian

      Cable? what is this cable you speak of is it like a wire or something? anyway i'm going to go try out HBOmax and watch like 10 different movies and tv show, have fun with this Cable thing.

    6. TSwizzle13

      My grandma told me that she only has cable so she watch the local news, then after the news SHE JUST GOES TO THE NEWS WEBSITE TO LOOK AT THE WEATHER.

    7. JustWeirdOut

      Okay but Criminal Minds is actually different cuz there's like 7 main characters who all get equal spotlight and solve things together rather than the main main character going "But no you're wrong it's that guy"

    8. Ben Nelson

      Used this to convince my parents to stop paying for cable, thanks drew lmao

    9. bipppery


    10. Packluck_Cards

      I love the kingdom hearts audio hahaha

    11. RADICLIF 1

      “In 720p, censored and constantly interrupted by commercials”. *Instantly an ad shows up!! God damn it socialism

    12. Gator Productions

      14:35 that's because you're renting out those boxes. So you can replace them for free of they go bad. Or have maintenance on them

    13. Vice Admiral Cole

      Funnily enough right after he said and constantly interrupting ads an ad played

    14. Gravity_Falls_Up

      We just got SEprom TV and we really like it. I love it for ID and Adult Swim

    15. Jake from State Farm

      I'm so happy someone finally pronounced guy fieris name right

    16. Archisha Chowdhury

      9:37 the exact moment you said this I got a SEprom ad right in the middle of the sentence, which was just hilarious

    17. Chance Will

      I've never had cable tv and I've always felt left out because of it but now I'm glad I didn't have to go through that

    18. The Carrots Are Coming

      NCIS is not bad how dare you put it with those other shows

    19. The Bean Machine

      Damian Lillard wants to know your location for not mentioning that Hulu has live sports.

    20. Guitarlbarker05


    21. totesMagotes83

      23:00: I find it hard to believe that Hello Fresh is less wasteful. I got a week of it once, and there was so much packaging to throw away, with tiny amounts of food packaged into plastic. You can go grocery shopping with reusable grocery bags, so I don't really get the point about plastic bags.

    22. Midnight Raven Queen

      I continually beg my mom to switch to a cheaper cable company or at most just keep the internet and she can get a roku tv. Her response is basically “if I don’t have my DVR, I don’t want it.” Mom, streaming is literally dvr except you don’t have to use a certain amount of space to watch your stuff. It’s always there!

    23. morgan m

      nah nah nah 911 and 911 lone star go hard i love those shows

    24. Narcissa Deville

      What sucks of course is that with my ISP what I pay for straight-up internet is like $3 less than what I pay with a "bundle".

    25. McKinley Ostvig

      I was finally able to escape Spectrum's prison of bullshit when I moved last year and holy fuck I hate that company.

    26. Jamie Marin

      Fan hi there am what

    27. EntropyOnline

      I used to work for spectrum lol

    28. I am a helpful person.

      9:36 drew: “and constantly interrupted by commercials ” *commercial plays*

    29. Poppylan

      Fox actually went to Workpoint, a entertainment company in Thailand, which have great successes with both 'I can see your voice' and 'the Mask Singer' shows. Both shows worked in Thailand due to the fact that entertainment industry in Thailand is quite small and the industry foster the sense of relatability to the audience. So when we watch these shows in Thailand, it's like watching and participating in a party instead of watching a weird tv show. In Thailand, these shows are full of jokes and with smaller pool of celebrities in Thailand who, we are know that they have ongoing jokes and gags, they are obviously more relatable than celebrities in the US. The big stage with no name celebrities don't work for relatability in the us

    30. baller madman

      19:13 in fair defense, holey Moley is fire.

    31. Mildly Fun


    32. Nikjaay

      "Capitalism breeds innovation" The innovation:

    33. Sanic The Hedgehog

      In Malaysia , you get wifi and cable with no installation fees , and it has its own version of Netflix ( you can watch any movie/show that you have in your package) . All that for 30$

      1. Sanic The Hedgehog

        And if you want to want to watch something that's not in your package , you can rent it for like 2 dollars

    34. Caio Rezei

      "I don't think it's inconceivable to think of a future where cable is just a distant, expensive memory." *The future is NOW*

    35. Caio Rezei

      6:11 Uh, Law & Order FBI: New Vegas, my favorite!

    36. Angy D

      Always complaiinning ✨✨. -Me

    37. Naddy G

      uhhh last I heard you are not allowed to wear a military uniform if not on duty or not coming or going to work (on base)... how did she get away with that?

    38. Angrynoodle Twenty Five

      the worst part is that cable companies will essentially blame "kids these days" for the fact that they are becoming less and less profitable... It is your job as a service to stay relevant. the youth has no obligation to use your service if they have better options... the obligation to keep your service relevant is on you not the customer....

    39. Marc Baker

      Remember when Fox use to be this awesome network that gave us ground breaking shows, and not a dumping ground for cheap reality show garbage? Pepperige Farm remembers.

    40. Jack Brennan

      Time Warner cable knew they were a garbage product and tried to rebrand to spectrum without changing anything about themselves.

    41. Swagsire

      Ironic how my dad says that Netflix is a waste of money but he pays for cable

    42. Undying

      Anyone remember Playstation Vue? It was the best streaming service.

    43. Peter D

      Law and order: organized crime is actually really really good engaging not predictable and you cannot just jump in in the middle of the season. The best Law and order so far....and Chicago med is a great show

    44. Mrs. Pyromaniac

      Did he dis Scrubs. Scrubs is fucking amazing.

    45. Andrew FroylanRobles

      I hate sports...its not my favorite....

    46. Andrew FroylanRobles

      I dont like singing reality shows ... that much..I love other things abd that's ok

    47. Otter With a dark side

      Well if u like animated show OWL HOUSE SEASON 2 IN LESS THAN A WEEK

    48. Ava Haram

      Spectrum sucks

    49. SomeWhiteGuy

      Right as you said commercials, I got an ad. Illuminati confirmed!

    50. James Hodgson

      I love the kingdom hearts “sora” rip for Joel lol

    51. Kea O

      I used to stay up late in my friends house and watch the Cops show for hours lol. The bad boys song that plays when they capture one of the criminals is now permanently etched into my brain because of that show

    52. Troy Hillmeyer

      I remember my mom yelling at the cable man cause it was so expensive and that was 10 years ago.

    53. Lola Cheatham

      Cable/film/music industries all were high on their own supply for many years. From the beginning. They refused to heed the internet and now they are hemorrhaging money and trying to charge us for their mistakes. No thanks, crusty old white dude. I'm good.

    54. Canal do Mumber

      *5:26* You Forgot BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

    55. MoviesRapidShows90's don't need cable to watch live sports. All you need is the internet. Live TV can go screw itself.

    56. That Cereal Guy

      Honestly tho, there is good cable services like xfinity, where you can get free HBO max, Netflix, peacock, esc. But bs fees

    57. Daniel Ayy

      6:47 are the handcuffs straight up hitting us with the 👌?

    58. blandalf thebeige

      Jasmine dragon shirt pog

    59. Lela Jones

      Actually the masked singer is a copy of the South Korean show with the exact same title masked singer but it’s Korean

    60. rei hino

      but the masked singer is from south korea?

    61. kenopsia

      i thought the masked singer was just a UK thing

    62. batjokes

      The korean (original) version of The Masked Singer is better tbh. I watched the US one and remember thinking why the hell are Americans always ruining things?

    63. Kantb Tamed

      You obvi don’t want HGTV. They list it almost always.

    64. reedenis

      An ad played when he said "constantly interrupted by commercials" he really is a mad genius

    65. Emma Haven

      Me watching this. I bet his talking about spectrum... they call me at least once a month to try and sell my a cable package but I cannot pay my bill online. THey only send me adds for cable not my actual bill. 😒

    66. TheOgreMan

      There is a thing called an antenna and picking up channels on the airwaves. That’s pretty cheap. That’s what my brother does.

    67. BateQ RaceQ

      The wide pocket immunochemically stay because playground orly scare apud a squealing yellow. xenophobic, screeching frown

    68. Jeff M

      Bold of you to assume sports fans dont watch you.

    69. Mac Watson

      I’m always shocked by the greed of American cable companies. In Canada they’re pretty bad too, but they aren’t operating with Michael Corleone levels of ruthlessness. And btw that idea you mentioned, where you can pay an annual fee to stream every NFL game live online, exists everywhere outside the US. It’s called DAZN. it’s $150 per year.

    70. Hans Dessureault

      G4 gave me ninja warrior reruns. Which then gave me lots of bruises from falling off the jungle gym. God bless them.

    71. ℍ𝔾𝕦𝕞𝕡

      “ If your white you have HGtv “ disrespect my old granny agin an we gonna have problems drew

    72. D'Vincii

      The only show I remember watching on cable that was very well written, had like movie level production was breaking bad. Well, the earlier seasons. The rest I ended up watching on Netflix.

    73. Alex Evans

      Do I pLuG iT iN wItH mY mOuTh!?

    74. Miraculous is my Guilty Pleasure

      6:07: Drew's dead face. 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Otter With a dark side

        *DAT WASNT DER BEEFO’!?*

    75. manzoman96

      You missed one of the best cord cutting options, a tv antenna! Local channels for free!! Lmaoo

    76. Christie b

      ACAB but I love SVU. Hate all the others that I have seen and haven't seen half of them. But Benson and Stabler can get it all day.

    77. Lslice

      Chicago PD is awesome, and laws and order SVU deals with current world issues

    78. ComputerDefeated

      Cable? More like...Caca

    79. Charlie Hunt

      Listen to this joke and complain about cable and using spectrum as a reference you don’t know pain till you have to deal with Comcast

    80. Adam Byrom

      More like ‘COMP-cast’

    81. KilisiPlays

      The masked singer was originally an asian talent show, the Chinese one was really big!

    82. Hunter Harvey

      They’ve just started making American version of Korean variety TV shows

    83. BoX

      I know I'm late but doesn't SEprom TV offer live sports or did they get rid of that because if not then cable doesn't even has live sports as an ace

    84. Eva K

      In the exact same moment he said "interrupted by commercials" the video got interrupted by a god damn commercial -.- Thank you SEprom for destroying every video...

    85. The Lindefann

      G4 was the fuckin best. I remember coming home and seeing that the new fallout is New Vegas and seeing the plasma caster for the first time. Good times

    86. Fearghal Cotter

      I love the addition of the “I’m not seeing enough movement” disaster😂

    87. Fearghal Cotter

      “Constantly interrupted by commercials” *ad plays* well played Drew

    88. Dan Glaize

      Don’t you dare put Scrubs in the same category of those other shows. It was a masterpiece

    89. Kys

      drew naming every governmental cop show my mom has watched:

    90. Elena

      Drew, I learn more from you than I do in school Thank You

    91. Cad Chamberlain

      wait some niche spin off channels just only post youtube videos now?

    92. The Carney Show

      @4:06 so we are going to gloss over "the stolen Valor on national tv" or nah? Because A, the air force doesn't use that pattern anymore. B, those uniforms have ranks on the sleeve not unit patches. C, Sergeant First Class isn't an air force rank. Great video though Drew!

    93. George Griffiths

      I’m english, our ‘cable’ is pretty much free This still angers me

    94. Jennifer Pham


    95. Sam Davis

      It's really messed up how the price for the cable bill increases every year. I remember when our family had DirecTV. Then we could no longer afford it so we got Hulu. Then we could no longer afford that so we got Roku. Then we could no longer afford that so we got SEprom TV. Moral of the story, cable should not be trusted whatsoever.

    96. Sandra King

      The useless elizabeth micrencephaly belong because volleyball conversantly present pace a gray greasy great squid. eager, secretive army

    97. AnxietyFuelledPrincess♔

      I prefer the original Korean version over the American rip offs

    98. N'Briez-C

      G4 used to be my shit

    99. turbo lost Tom

      I started singing dont stop believing while eating my wife out. I love the acoustics

    100. Kat K.

      9:36 Woooow your really gonna put an add right there 😠