The best and worst show on every streaming service

Drew Gooden

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    Everybody go thank @Eddy Burback for his very nice cameo

    00:00 - Intro
    00:34 - Hulu
    04:32 - HBO Max
    08:23 - Disney Plus
    10:43 - Prime Video
    10:46 - Netflix
    17:12 - hot dog

    hail the sun - doing the same thing and expecting different results


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    1. Harry Walsh

      Who will be pinned it’s a mystery

      1. Benbai


      2. Corner Log

        @Ochako Uraraka You want change your comment after you got pinned, the comment will get unpinned

      3. Hannah Johnson

        I'm so excited for you. 😁

      4. No Lives Matter


      5. bo


    2. Ongr MtGA

      Man, Game of Thrones really died an ugly death. It was one of the most popular, influential television shows for a decade. People re-watching episodes, talking about what happened in the last one, love for characters, brilliant arcs.. and then season 8 rolled around. There were die-hard fans that didn't even finish the season. The show was, and IS, dead. There's no-one that is talking about how good the show is, or was, just because of how awful it ended. No-one will recommend watching GoT to their friends anymore, or at the very least recommend to NOT watch the last (two) season(s).

    3. Anna Elizabeth


    4. Young Man

      The last kingdom best show on netflex

    5. Unhumanized

      No way you really said fuck Amazon and fully skipped it. ALSO I FUCKING LOVE BOJACK HORSEMAN SO MUCH

    6. Caeden

      Bojack Horseman blew my mind. It’s such an incredible and unique show.

    7. mureo rirua

      The ritzy cereal approximately plan because bank atypically pass an a ill-fated alto. miscreant, quickest ukraine

    8. Myfinalhours 238

      Rick and morty should of been on here somewhere

    9. William Sussman

      That guy did an *absolutely* perfect synopsis of GoT. Wow.

    10. Lisa Padgen

      I started watching Bojack Horseman from this video and I’m half way through season 4

    11. Zood

      I want him to talk about Invincible :(

    12. Trump WillNotSurrender

      watch “The Call” on Netflix. Korean movie dubbed in english. Probably the best movie i’ve seen on there in a while. So many twists.

    13. NightSlasher51

      I understand why he did the joke with Amazon prime but I'm very disappointed because they have some good shit.

    14. JinJin was taken

      The best show on Netflix is breaking bad

    15. E Red

      It’s weird to hear someone say “it subverted my expectations” as a genuine compliment after all the fan-hate videos on GoT S8.


      I’m glad Drew is giving Will Forte the appreciation he deserves. Fun fact: Will is one of the few SNL cast members who never broke character

    17. CHE 171

      I love pen 15 lol

    18. Aaron C.

      The Kyle Sporty reference at 2:15.. love it

    19. Ben R

      last man on earth hits different tho

    20. No Name

      I have literally just finished watching BoJack thinking how it might be the best Netflix show...

    21. Tyler Schnebel

      HBO worst show hands down is the Flight Attendant... The worst acting I have ever seen in my life

    22. Jason

      Wayne on prime is best show man

    23. MasonMP

      Infinity Train is also a really great HBO Max original

    24. Bekkah Solomon

      I got a hulu ad right after he said Netflix. I think they did that on purpose 🤔

    25. Juju !!!

      I watched Bojack horseman because Drew told me to, and its turned into something i think about almost daily. Its the most genuine show ive ever seen~

    26. Nick Ryan

      Honestly I think Marvel is overrated, not to mention that I just don't feel like watching a shit ton of different movies and reading a bunch of comics just to understand what the hell is going on - A Kingdom Hearts Fan

    27. Alex Wilson

      Where Peacock

    28. Alex Wilson

      WandaVision is awesome!

    29. Alex Wilson

      The prequels ARE objectively good

    30. jenna

      started watching bojack horseman just bc of drew and i gotta say he’s right

    31. tenorHarlequin [TH]

      The HBO Max user interface sucks ass, though. Only got it to watch Steven Universe.

    32. Jacob Mo-Middilly-Morin

      DARK is the greatest show I’ve ever seen, I highly recommend

    33. Hilo

      I loved Last Man on Earth and it was cancelled and I died and AAAAAA

    34. to2burger

      EDDIE!!!!! ITSA POTATO CHIP BOY!!!!!!!

    35. Skphouston

      What snl skit was that?

    36. C Smith

      I'm sad you didn't mention "Doom Patrol" on HBO Max.

    37. Kyle McCloud

      The Skeleton Twins is great on Hulu l

    38. Chris Z

      That Ranch fountain clip scarred me.

    39. Mr. Knots Flowlosophy

      Fuck Amazon 🤣 yes

    40. Alan Ramsay

      Why Netflix greenlit two sequels to 365 Days is beyond me.

    41. Joris van Dijk

      Mandelorian is not good. The common consensus is wrong on this one.

    42. steph villar

      I'm so happy he said BoJack man omg

    43. Jonathan

      The big fib was actually originally a podcast

    44. Zachary Talbot

      But Drew WANDAVISION!

    45. mr. flu

      And now hulu is making 2 series about Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, and Mike Tyson without any of there permission or input


      The quiet minibus developmentally ignore because battery namely work toward a perpetual sausage. torpid, probable trout

    47. matt brendlen

      8:10 I think Martin actually DID give them the ending for the series, but he used the show to workshop his ending. So now that it's been universally panned, he can say, "Oh man... I'm gonna change that and just tell everyone that HBO fucked it up, not me!" It's actually brilliant...

    48. Grounded Sound

      when he said fuck amazon, i felt that

    49. danny

      netflix is actually really really good, i recommend midnight gospel it’s by the guy behind adventure time :)

    50. Sorry Sorry

      Wait why fuck Amazon

    51. MapleWind

      Hulu also lied about it if you pay more no ads some of there stuff still has ads

      1. Venom


    52. CannonRushed

      Just wanted to cast my vote for "The Characters." Nearly every episode is quite good in it's own right except for one which is unwatchable--you can decide which one that is, because it will be different for everyone I think. I absolutely loved the Tim Robinson episode, but I thought the Dr. Brown episode was really good head comedy if you are in a certain state of mind. The Henry Zebrowski episode grew on me and is probably my 3rd favorite. The only one I really couldn't watch was the Paul Downs one. The rest were fine.

    53. emily xxx

      another terrible show on Netflix is insatiable what a fucking mess lmao

    54. Ragsnas Ramoninus

      Thanks you for the "Fuck Amazaon"!!!!

    55. Kylie Manure

      I'm one of the 400 people. Macgruber is fantastic.

    56. fireacid

      what if the footbal was not footbal snd was chuwawa you throw chuhaha ok fotball

    57. Drip.Inf*

      Idk where u heard wandavision was good. That show was ASS.

      1. Venom

        Nah that was pretty good. Especially if you've followed some comics, The MCU and other marvel entertainment. The only bad part was "Ralph Bohner".

    58. The Lost Harmony

      I got a Prime ad right after he said "fuck amazon"

    59. Kuba Bohdan

      Ahh, Eddy Bareback 🥰

    60. I C

      everyone just watch bojack horseman. and then we can all cry

    61. Cleanframe

      I feel like Drew is going to end up making a video of him watching all 24 MCU movies and rating them all

    62. Ether D.

      PLEASE watch Westworld on HBO.

    63. Golden2962

      The boys on Amazon for sure

    64. sleepydumbdude

      Just started Crashing thanks to this video. 6 episodes in and love this show.

    65. yaboi frankie

      Yes prequels

    66. Andrew Schroeder

      The Amazon section best section

    67. aeromin.

      i love you drew gooden

    68. Matthew McGuire

      Holy shit, that clip of Kylie in her car is adorable. I don’t how old she was there so I’m not going any further, but she doesn’t look at all the same now.

    69. MJ Allen

      Best Prime Video Originals: The Boys and Hunters

    70. GoldenGuardian

      ebby durdack

    71. Angelina Garcia

      For some reason you remind me of Martin Starr

    72. Grace Martin

      why does no one in the history of ever talk about “F is for family” on Netflix (original)…Its so good

      1. Grace Martin

        @Sean Schwingo fr fr

      2. Sean Schwingo

        that show bangs

    73. elizabeth lucas

      i knew this video was gonna be valid when it started with pen15

    74. ghitooboo

      to be 100% honest the mandalorian was disappointing. there was some incredible episodes, but the story felt surface level and too simple to really make you that invested. the character arcs were either basic or nonexistent. idk i just feel like its not worth the hype

    75. Tristan Dawson

      Watch the MCU please

    76. Baylee R Effinger

      I didn’t even mind season 8 of got tbh. Except the last episode.

    77. Baylee R Effinger

      Last man on earth is goated, I’ve watched it 4 times lol

    78. Sanita Sikora


    79. Scoota Gray

      Amazon - The Boys.

    80. Madroachin

      The prime video one was insightful

    81. YaBoiDustin

      I love hbo max for one reason. Thanks to Xfinity I get it for free

    82. DELAK24

      Actually, Hayden is MY soul mate, so take it easy.

    83. SHAW

      That corndog killed my whole family

    84. Sanjitha Saravanan

      Not Drew dragging Mortgage vs Marriage when it's my guilty pleasure ahahaha

    85. Sanjitha Saravanan

      Omg him mentioning HSMTMTS and then him saying he liked it I was s h o o k and consider it a win for the show

    86. SATAN

      Is lauren lapis hot?

    87. Smoking Samoria

      Yes but have you seen The Circle? It is a dumpster fire.

    88. DJ Lowd

      Dude high school musical the musical the series is actually a good show, I lowkey love it

    89. Brandon Govreau

      Is there a series about a vampire woman in love with a dragon man

    90. Isabelle Oh-Criner

      If you were looking for a good Prime show try The Expanse!! My bf and I thought it was like Game of Thrones but consistently good and then we found out that one of the authors was actually George R. R. Martin’s assistant. It started off on Sci-fi but it got canceled and Bezos apparently liked it so much they started producing it as an Amazon show. Anyway it’s really good, def worth a watch!

    91. Fabio

      16:39 okay im watching this show

    92. Lola Cheatham

      Clive is a serious misuse of the actor Rhys Darby...he's great as Murray in Flight of the Concords and does some really good voice work. One could argue that Hemlock Grove is the best Netflix original cuz it was the first. 🤷 Aaaaaaaalllll down hill from there. 😉👌 I kid, it was all...uphill...? Or level ground?

    93. Keri Negrych

      Dawg you can say whatever you want about the last two seasons of Game of Thrones, but without the show, HBO wouldn’t be where it’s at right now

    94. JackN 15

      Bruh Amazon has The Boys, Invincible... and that’s about it really but they are great!

      1. JackN 15

        And also Netflix cancels literally all its good shows including Bojack Horsemen

    95. Hans Christopherson

      It’s funny how Netflix’s biggest problem is they have too many options

    96. Giant Pink Cat

      Oh you think Space Force is the worst show on Netflix? Wait till you see Hoops! Undoubtedly the worst thing Phil Lord and Chris Miller have ever made.

    97. Pres

      my favs Hulu: Brooklyn Nine Nine HBO Max: Doctor Who Disney+: Star Wars Clone Wars Netflix: Narcos

    98. couchie phart

      the public wants to know your opinion on it's always sunny in philadelphia

    99. Luke

      Marriage or mortgage has me laughing 🤣

    100. LoafOf Milk

      The best show on Amazon is Mr. Robot, easily. Invincible is a really close second, but Mr. Robot took it out.

      1. Phil Marvin

        Yesss, as a CS major, and with how savvy our generation is with programming in general (who hasn't taken some extraneous Python/C++/Swift?) This show was refreshing in making a compelling story while also being willing to try moving past "teehee virgin nerd doing boring hack-a-doo typing". It integrated that sphere in a way that recognizes the potential in it perfectly. We all have seen companies brought to their knees by ransomware and figures defamed by leaks, and the whole cybercriminal/hactivist world is so intriguing despite it being so inconspicuously parallel in existence to normal society and culture.