The Real Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden

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    It's time I come clean about this.


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    1. Sancho Ventura

      Dude, stop talking I’m trying to watch a video

      1. Bxo ENG


      2. Original


      3. Justadude


      4. SaucY Boi


      5. Chaitra K. S


    2. KatanaQuits

      “They have a good relationship” *Source: well they both have avatar shirts so that’s cool*

    3. Oz Alper

      What you dont know is that his real name is Strange Aeons

    4. Maravillante

      I remember when me and my wife were complete strangers

    5. Max Welch

      No you played basketball with Danny

    6. Mary and Danielle

      But what you don’t know is his real name is strange aeons

    7. Tor Ormseth

      Drew Gooden is 5'12"

    8. Wycliff Studios

      This was too funny lol

    9. Derpy Shark

      Your website gave me a virus This is not a joke Screw hotdogs

    10. Alexis Woodberry

      12:24 Cory and Topanga have something to say to you

    11. nohsara


    12. goofy

      you and eve should do a collab

    13. nmarkert01

      Dude how did you not set up a meet between you guys at some point? Where Google is making the mistakes he must’ve seen the same shit haha

    14. Sirble

      These stats are actually insulting

    15. Jacob Wooten

      Same thing happens when you google abby Shapiro

    16. Max Schaefer

      7:53 he has the 2D from Gorillaz look

    17. KIURazin

      Man what are the odd.

    18. Nafiz Imtiaz Araf

      This is by far, the best Drew Gooden video (the SEprom Star I mean)

    19. Consent

      gotta love the avatar mech theyre both rocking

    20. drmuffin1080

      Okay the commentary thing is crazy tho

    21. Halendreyen Sopelti

      2:26 i'm sorry, it must be so hard, I really feel for you, but on the bright side I think that Ignas Brazdeikis ... has an ... UpSiDE maybe

    22. Zoe Coombes

      Hey Drew I know I'm late to the party but another commentary youtuber, StrangeAeons made a video on this too! They got her information just as spot on as yours!

      1. Amayuru Bashaka

        What you don't know is that his real name is Strange AEons

    23. Drew Chandler

      2 tacos, chips and a drink for $5.99 is a steal

    24. Dev Mehta

      Christopher, your videos are cool

    25. Why Tho

      Holy heck I’m 13 and taller than drew gooden

    26. L

      Maybe someone just wants to send you shoes

    27. John Dart

      1:09 his shirt is colliding with the green screen

    28. Jam

      *another neighbouring country* Aight mexico it’s between you and me

    29. Vintagedream

      Im trying so hard not to laugh its probably cause it's almost 12am and I'm hysterical and tired

    30. Island Girl Designs

      Love the Avatar the last Airbender shirts

    31. Rina Krasniqi

      Drew give me a playlist of yours to listen too, can’t stop starring at your records

    32. Emily Tustin

      Won’t tell you which one? Is it Mexico?

    33. Mr. Raccoon

      HOW ARE YOU ONLY 72kg!!?!??! 5:15

    34. Momo The Weeb

      Drew gooden.

    35. Momo The Weeb

      Gregory Horton made my wife so much easier

      1. Momo The Weeb

        Probably the best comment. Can you do it on Twitter too?

    36. Momo The Weeb


    37. Momo The Weeb

      Drew golden is my best friend we play soccer tomorrow!!!!!!!1

    38. Momo The Weeb

      Does anyone here play among us?

    39. Momo The Weeb

      I play Minecraft. Dm me on Instagram

    40. Momo The Weeb

      42:18 why!!!

    41. Momo The Weeb


      1. Momo The Weeb

        Never,ind I’m back

      2. Momo The Weeb

        Actually I gtg sorry guys

    42. Momo The Weeb

      Amanda is. Drew golden???

    43. Momo The Weeb

      I bought drew gooden.

    44. Momo The Weeb

      Drew golden isn’t SEprom!!!

    45. Momo The Weeb

      Wait drew golden is a youtuber not a player basketball???

    46. BlakeBOOM507

      picture of hotdog makes me laugh every time

    47. WildCard

      Drew is black

    48. Camsters_Cool

      Uh whatever who cares bout the other guy you pop up first when i google your name

    49. Catalina Voicu

      Me noticing Drew’s shirt: Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well

    50. Bad At Games

      But what they didn't know is that his real name is Strange Aeons

    51. Space Egg

      Amanda is wearing an Avatar sweater and drew is wearing a shirt with uncle iroh on it 😳

    52. Last Roxas


    53. bittah knight

      27 hours a day

    54. Gabriel Young Fence

      8:28 ladies and gentleman we got his bicep size 🔭

    55. himiko toga

      congrats on 3 mil!!

    56. Cameron Domes

      Height in: centimetres, meters, feet. Weight in: centimetres, meters, feet.

    57. dee

      just realised i have the same bday as this guy. nice.

    58. griffin

      Been scrolling through comments for like ten minutes and I haven't found a single one mentioning that Drew said "twenty seven hours a day."

    59. pee bottle

      I love how the article keeps referring to "Drew and his beau" even though beau is defined as a boyfriend or male partner

    60. Milan Thurman


    61. Just Another Idiot

      Oh shit I now weigh less than famous youtuber youtube star Drew Gooden that's cool

    62. Jack Brouse

      Poor drew, he hadn’t gotten a response from the 5 grade basketball team in 20 years

    63. Andrew Phuck

      Love you Drew!

    64. Jose Bazan

      The rumors are drew

    65. Mashed Potatoes

      “When we’re with each other 27 hours a day” -Drew Gooden

    66. [ToF] Xman_Bunch 23

      Nah, i use circle space

    67. Eclectic Witch Quinn

      Eye color - A different shade of baby blue

    68. The Sleepy Dot

      The accurate weight is lowkey freaking me out

    69. funkhouzr

      I love they keep calling Amanda his "beau", but that means "handsome" in French or something right?

    70. Chase Fortier

      The NBA Drew Gooden and I have the same birthday

    71. siukong

      Drew Gooden (the basketball player) is perhaps most infamous for having one of the most horrendously awful hairstyle choices (the nape of the neck soul patch). No mention of it was made in the video, but I'm glad a rear shot was at least included in the thumbnail as a subtle nod to that fact.

    72. Toes R us

      Can't believe they misgendered my boy drew 😔😔😔

    73. S Wood

      tijuana flats 🤤

    74. OwensaGeek 11

      I want the real drew gooden: (basketball player) I said the REAL Drew gooden: (youtube drew) (Shows Danny): Perfection

    75. Renilol

      I love their shirts

    76. bklea

      they still haven’t fixed it

    77. Mr. TIDDLES

      We all know that Drew's better half is Danny

    78. Crabby Geuino

      2:10 do you mean decimals?

    79. Petra Mucnjak

      Let's just stop for a sec to appreciate Drew's shirt

    80. Zap the Demon

      12:25 Alabama: ... Ohio: ...

    81. green_eggss

      If Drew Gooden were to go in a fight with Drew Gooden, Drew Gooden would win

    82. pastel queen gacha

      my birthday is on the same as your

    83. sophisticated Duck

      their shirts doe 😳

    84. charlie

      ? 🥺

    85. charlie

      I liked the video instantly when Amanda showed up

    86. charlie

      Your wife is so cute

    87. floof08


    88. Jacob Brandenburg

      No joke drew gooden was playing a trumpet or something in a picture in my music room in middle school

    89. a person

      "27 hours a day" ok Drew

    90. Neha

      his reaction to the site guessing his weight correctly im cackling

    91. wii remote


    92. Angela Bazan

      Why would Danny make a video about Drew

    93. CR Marsh

      I thought “Amanda will always back up her husband” meant she was gonna back up a truck and run him over with it or something

    94. Sunny Baudelaire

      You know who I played basketball with, no one Danny:👁️👄👁️

    95. alador is disappointed in your actions

      I’m so proud of them, they’re both wearing atla shirts

    96. Ethan

      There is an imposter among us

    97. Pokshimin

      I refuse to believe someone 10 years older than me and a foot shorter then me

    98. drewsif mierz

      What the heck, I was looking up Drew Gooden to see stuff about that cool basketball guy, not some idiot who talks about stuff

    99. Larry Stylinson

      Your still the first drew gooden I know xD

    100. Ginda Music

      What if you and the successful Drew Gooden did a video called Drew Swap where you become a basketball player, and he would become a disappointment. Amanda might actually be happy with a Drew Gooden. Would be insane guy.