The sharkboy and lavagirl sequel that no one asked for

Drew Gooden

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    this movie was made for nobody.

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    stage kids - welcome to the jungle


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    1. Emil Rojas

      How is telling drew that sharkboy’s dad was so in love with sharks that named his kid sharkboy?

    2. Joe D'Aquila

      One of my college classmates favorite movie is cars 2

    3. Pete Kane

      I dig the music at the end. Based on your taste for Midwest emo I assume it is an original tune. Very nice

    4. Hehe ray

      Yo this and spykids were the bomb.

    5. Boojum Tree

      5:51 *Nosk Intensifies*

    6. BIG SEXy goat

      Guess we going to forget that part of 2001

    7. Skinny Lil Bill

      Jesus is Lord

    8. Skinny Lil Bill

      Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose from the grave

    9. Poopenshnapples

      Finger Respect = Kids and adults saving the world! Finger Police :D

    10. Johnson Jame

      Imagine everyone around you has cool powers can do dope shit and your power is singing but still not as good as rianaha

    11. William Power

      Why 😩

    12. Woggen 101

      It say this video came out January 8 but it showed January 11 mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    13. Cookie And a Half

      Dude I used to watch shark boy and lava girl like everyday for like a year straight.

    14. Scarlet Augi

      The Shark Boy and Lava Girl relationship and the fact they have children in this new movie.... BRUH DIDNT THEY ANNOY THE HELL OUT OF EACH OTHER? WEREN'T THEY LIKE SIBLINGS?!

    15. Eli D

      I went to see Sharkboy and Lavagirl in theaters as a kid and even as a child I knew it was stupid but I loved it.

    16. Srishti Wagle


    17. Exist Without Saving?

      "Sharkboy and Lavagirl is a terrible movie from 15 years ago that almost everyone hated." You come into my house, *disrespect my sharkboy and lavagirl-*

    18. Hexted

      Huh wait a second.....a bunch of superheroes kids with not good powers in a superhero school have to save their this just sky high?

    19. zycd


    20. Artists Cult

      My thing is… WHERES MAX?? Cuz like, there’s no imagination. It’s like, are all of them real now???

    21. LittleBytes

      Just found out that Sharkboy and Lavagirl was released exactly on my 2nd birthday...

    22. danielle taylor

      The kid that I babysit is obsessed with we can be heroes and every time I watch it it hurts my heart

    23. Settra The Imperishable

      “Everything that is or was began with a dream” Dame that’s really inspiring who said that Einstein NoPe LaVa GiRl

    24. Suchart Boontid

      My 9 year old niece loves this movie. She's seen it probably 5 times. One was enough for me though. It's a kids' movie in every sense; simple logic, characters, plot etc. and no complexity whatsoever. I loved Soul but my niece didn't. I gotta admit Sould is pretty high-brow for a kids' movie. There's a fine line you have to walk with these movies so it's accessible for both kids and adults. Shrek is a great example

    25. Jose Guarin

      Is This It in the back, noice

    26. Aidan Poole

      I still remember ordering this movie from the weekly circular inside of the newspaper we used to get and then dancing to the end credits song on top of my coffee table and falling off and hitting my head on the fireplace and its still my favorite movie ever

    27. J. Her13

      The original Sharkboy and Lavagirl is the greatest movie of all time

    28. Duke S1lv3r

      Bro i saw part of this movie at the dentist and I didn’t even realize

    29. Asriam Oda

      Oh boy I finally have a reason to share this fun fact! I met Rodriguez's boys on trip, got to hang with them for a bit and they were pretty cool. Come to find out Sharkboy and Lavagirl was inspired by one of the sons who actually kept a dreamjournal when they were younger! They shared the crazy dream they had with a shark boy and a girl of lava with their dad and he just went 'aw sheet that'd be a cool movie'. The movie seems all over the place because it was all over the place, its based off one of their dreams!

    30. Sash Sivaraman

      Drew, it’s not too late to pin this comment. Make the first right choice in your life and do this. Come on, you can do it.

    31. Noah Seaman

      Who else was waiting for the goodnight kiss?

    32. Fatal-R-097

      I have very Fond memory’s of Spy kids 3. It would always play at Christmas dubbed in Spanish and I would sit and watch it from start to finish. I loved every bit of it and my B A B Y brain didn’t understand the story but liked the whole “We are in a video game “thing

    33. Valeria Ruiz

      I miss Drew

    34. Susannah Sage

      look Drew I’ve agreed with a lot of things you’ve said both in this video and beyond, and if I didn’t I at least respected your opinion... but Cars 2 slander is where I draw the line sir

    35. Slippery Noodles

      Oh I KNOW y’all are jealous.... 😏 I have this shit on dvd 😎 I can watch shark boy and lava girl ANYTIME that I want 😈

    36. Gokuslayer42

      9:22 That's like if in Yu-Gi-Oh Yugi just brought out a flame thrower and burnt all the cards

    37. N'Briez-C

      Wait spy kids and sharkboy/lavagirl are a cinematic universe?

    38. Nitro Play'z

      so like max dosent exist anymore :/ nor does planet drool any literally everything that made the orginal semi ok

    39. Flamingos eat shrimps

      Cannot understand how Robert Rodriguez directed one of the most beautiful-looking movies and also one of the ugliest-looking movies in the same year.

    40. Adele Aslan

      I watched this movie and saw the ladies haircut and immediately I knew that the options were 1 of 2: she seems bad but is actually good or you think she’s good and she’s bad, and apparently I was right about both

    41. Adele Aslan

      Shark boy and Lavagirl were Max’s dreams that somehow became powerful enough to come to life (I don’t understand what the frick happened honestly but I’ll let it slide) and they live on planet drool, so the events are all taking place on Planet Drool, but Planet Drool is way more like the real world, so is this in the real world and came back into Max’s world? But then where is Max and who are all these new heroes? Did Max dream them up? He’s clearly more powerful than all of them, so where are him and Linus? Just...what?

    42. Mike FromMN

      Spy kids was my jam, but let’s be real bro any movie called shark boy and lava girl was going to be a dumpster fire

    43. Zero Jack

      I don't think sharkboys daughter was explaining her powers, she was just bragging

    44. Manzi

      Drew: This guy has been President for 19 years. Is he a dictator??? Me as a Ugandan whose had the same president for 35 year: 👀

    45. goclbert

      David Bowie died for this

    46. Mr Rough

      Where is my gn kiss😡

    47. Jack Yeh

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    48. EMPTY

      The vid on recommended I never asked for (it’s a joke don’t take it too seriously)

    49. Nauman Gilani

      Did anyone get the goodbye kiss that was on the list? :(

    50. Satin Ivy

      my 5 year old niece is obsessed with this film and i cried watching it because it is so bad, i think this film is the reason she gets taken out of class for extra help

    51. Grey man

      "Can't put a sentence together " Everybody thinks of joe Biden.

    52. TheManOnTheStreetOMG

      "I can even change my face to look like you." proceeds to do blackface. oh nononono

    53. AnxietyFuelledPrincess♔

      I remember as a kid asking my parents if we could go watch shark boy and lava girl when it came out and how much I actually loved it as a kid 😂 now I don’t think I can sit through it anymore 😅

    54. Project Martin

      cars 2 is a top tier pixar movie no cap

    55. winterkill1764

      Drew you say the box is good, but what about the food inside tho

    56. Ethan Roe

      Hold on when did shooter mcgavin become president of the United States?

    57. Beyblades In My Heels

      5:52 blackface in a kids movie ? Lol

    58. Tim Possible

      Why did she need their tears to make a key when her powers seems to be generating water?

    59. fairy lights

      1:37 this line was the best in the movie, and I won't take criticism.

    60. crazy cat lady music cat

      Just me or lava girl's costume looks like Batman and another dude kissing??? Like in the tum nail the top part of it , OML

    61. nohsara

      Completely unrelated to this video but now I really wanna watch Sky High again

    62. nohsara

      I was obsessed with Sharkboy and Lavagirl when i was little. I watched it again last year, and yes its SUPER cheesy and cringey and terrible, but i honestly still had fun watching it (even if just for the memes) The ending about lavagirl finding her purpose was even kind of touching. Also the musical score was kind of mesmerizing at times. Fun fact I only know George Lopez because of this movie

    63. NolieRavioli

      wow rlly got me to watch that ad by promising me a goodnight kiss

    64. Cad Chamberlain

      these movies look like ps2 games

    65. Cad Chamberlain

      how could this movie be bad when there is literally george lopez robot

    66. bennie.

      cmonn man how could u say u loved spy kids and didnt know that clooney was mr pres!

    67. Vin Diesel

      My dad is a gorilla

    68. eesha eesha

      I’m surprised they didn’t woke-ify the characters and make them Sharkperson and Lavaperson.

    69. Justin Adu gyamfi

      They fly now?

    70. Mames McK

      I found your outro very endearing. I'm not sure if that says more about me, or more about you.

    71. Script

      I saw the first movie as a tribute to imagination, and kids that liked having OCS and creating those big worlds and etc, which I deeply related to, so I expected the second movie to expand on that. and when the second has no mentions of that and is about super heroes that I don't remember even existing in the first (I thought Sharkboy and lavagirl were just OCS, and all the crazy stuff was just in the kid's vivid mind) and putting all this in reality, really seemed like no one watched the first while making it and, it was just extremely disappointing for me and my younger sisters, we deeply hated it. but someone corrects me if I'm wrong about the imagination stuff, cause I didn't rewatch the first movie in years.

    72. Lia Lia

      Ok but honestly.... I asked for this lol

    73. fireacid

      a kid from my elementary school was in this movie

    74. Dracula Wannaboogiedown

      Never should have come here 😈

    75. Sixofsnails

      Um sir? Where's our goodnight kiss...

    76. Neslihan Bursa

      I cannot believe that the project that Pedro Pascal and Boyd Holbrook would reunite would be this but Hollywood i guess 🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. Rensie Niltiac

        My partner kept asking if this movie took place before or after they go to Colombia. Unfortunately they never explain where it is in the time line.

    77. Gabi P

      My 8y/o self was creaming when shark boy did anything

    78. Shit Head


    79. Senator Ben

      Old white-haired President who has been in a position of power for way too long and can’t string two sentences together - man I couldn’t possibly tell what that’s like. Yes yes, thank you, I’m very brave with my Spy Kids President joke.

    80. Nyolate

      Drew Gooden it's time you learned On Letting Go

    81. Alfonzaralo 13

      Everyone asked for it


      bro wtf is Priyanka Chopra doin here?

    83. Nick Molnar

      Bruh the president in spy kids was george clooney

    84. EZMoney

      I figured Drew would be in the target demographic for The Good Dinosaur.

    85. Abigail Heberle

      I watched this movie as soon as it came out and I'm in 5 th grade so it was pretty bad and I could point out all the plot holes and pc stuff it really didn't help that I watch a lot of commentary youtubers and know how to point out plot holes

    86. Litrulize

      im disappointed george

    87. go back to sleep karen

      i loved this movie it was such a gem, i watch it occassionally when im feeling nostalgic but the sequel makes me want to vomit.

    88. Greta Bielchowski

      Calling a grown man "Sharkboy" is demeaning but calling a grown woman "Lavagirl" isnt...? It goes to show that even the wokest men still have internalized sexism. (Not hating on Drew, but that was kinda weird)

      1. Greta Bielchowski

        @_- berrie -_ who calls women girls? you're almost getting it lol

      2. _- berrie -_

        Often women are called “girls”, so it’s not demeaning unless Lavagirl thinks it is. Think about, would you want to be called Lavawoman?

    89. Cloudy Nine

      Oof that "How did he become President" hits so much closer now that Bidens in office

      1. Madi M

        shut up?

    90. Nilesh Illesinghe

      What did we learn don’t make George Lopez a robot

    91. batt3ryac1d

      You forgot about The Good Dinosaur(don't worry everyone does it suuuuuuuuucks)

    92. Master of Puppets

      “We can be heroes, just for one day” Bitch excuse me give Davie his song back

      1. Brandon

        They really choose one of the best songs ever to cover by arguably the best artist ever, just to make an awful song and move about it

    93. Alice

      I’d rather just watch Sarah Jane adventures

    94. Franklin Clinton


    95. Ethan Cat

      As a kid I couldn't tell which was which (shark boy & lava girl or spy kids) for some reason and we would always end up watching the wrong one and I would be upset lmao

    96. marcela figueroa

      That’s my mom she’s not old

    97. dibai goqia

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    98. James Woznik

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    99. Eli Booker

      What you were saying is exactly what my brother and I were saying

    100. Luke Porter

      Why is no one clarifying that George Clooney played the president in the Spy Kids movies and not Shooter McGavin