The Terrible Tik Tok Reality Show

Drew Gooden

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    sorry if my audio sounds kinda weird in this, I bought a new mic and went a little overboard messing with the settings. I am a professional content creator.

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    1. rj wildermann

      Another video? Drew, buddy, we haven’t said anything because you seemed to need this, but you gotta stop.

      1. mr lean

        @Enlightened Shenanigans hopefully he doesn't end up in the suicide hospital :(

      2. Sukuna's markings


      3. Spit Fyre

        It’s getting out of hand

      4. Just an introvert with internet access

        This guy stole Amanda's channel for so long now it's getting annoying

      5. - oh -


    2. carclain

      I can't get past the girl eating PACKETS OF SUGAR wtf

    3. Gabriel Brown

      i mean the sugar girl at least has the decency to open the packet and pour the sugar out.. the kids i went to school with just ate the packets whole, paper and all

    4. A Z

      I'm 21 and I was feeling bad for some time thinking about my overachieving friends. But watching this makes me feel a whole lot smarter and better !

    5. Large Boi

      I love Raul #RaulForever

    6. Isaiah Nemeth

      I love your chaotic deadpan

    7. Madeline Clair Ervin

      You're probably going to turn out to be a bad person if ur name rhymes with 'Malaria'

    8. Faraz Rahman

      It took me three attempts to finish this video. Each time I couldn't make it all the way through without having to stop in the middle.

    9. Faraz Rahman

      It took me three attempts to finish this video. Each time I couldn't make it all the way through without having to stop in the middle.

    10. Faraz Rahman

      It took me three attempts to finish this video. Each time I couldn't make it all the way through without having to stop in the middle.

    11. Lily Hults

      Here is a nice comment. For having to go through all that

    12. Sisiz

      Raul my beloved

    13. Scott Bennett

      I LOVE the fact there is a The Contortionist album behind you. I have that album tattooed on my arm.

    14. TheSeokChanist

      not them ranking the only black person the lowest and then calling her a threat when she's literally just so chill. they don't even pretend to not be racist

    15. Gacha Girl

      Drew it’s my birthday and I’m still waiting on my present, I get it if you don’t wanna come to my party but cmon man, u promised

    16. Sophia Besh

      oh my god i just saw an ad for season two of this where Owen is the host

    17. Helena Cruz

      "Pouring Sprite into her water, the lamest prank I've ever seen in my life." Lmao flashback to memories of when i was a kid and my cousin kept doing that same prank

    18. Dhan_man 07404

      I rate that drew has Johnny2Cellos recommend to him Talent recognises talent

    19. MeSaDrums

      They all look like a 10 year olds head got cut off and placed on a 20 year olds body

    20. Qudhdhcgyd

      God, chasing celebrity like this is like being in highschool for your whole life. What a nightmare.

    21. Mxkayla_ii


    22. Garbage Productions

      Narcissistic teenage douchebags from Miami competing to be a Tik Toker? What could go wrong.

    23. Eli Zatz

      This hurt my eyes

    24. Sandra King

      The bitter pike subcellularly squeak because front postauricularly add above a wakeful preface. productive, scary bomb

    25. Mike Green

      at 17:35 i thought you were going to say the grand prize was a conversation with Alex

    26. Sam Hunt

      I used to think Myspace was toxic

    27. Super retro Guy

      tbh I have no idea who any of these people are

    28. Gabby Holt

      Raul has my entire heart

    29. mohammad faizan


    30. Josue Campos

      Why do they start recording, there acting like l theirs seen the northern lights or something.

    31. Demon from the North Sea

      I've never seen this show, but I feel like a worse person just for knowing it exist.

    32. Little Sparrow

      Says a lot that the kid who “won” the show is the same dumbass who was making fun of Raúl for being in college. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    33. Derf In sniter

      i need you to not do this no more

    34. sakuracila

      yo where did you get that hoodie it's great

    35. CELEB ALERT!

      Yeah I can tell Deew mummy vapes

    36. LVBBoi

      That "DaDdY aLeX!?!?" made me cringe more than is healthy for a lifetime.

    37. Joey Tansey

      The act of rating creators but that not actually removing them from the show is actually an incredibly accurate way of showing how even if everyone hates your content you can continue posting and maintaining your self importance until eventually you hit financial ruin or die

    38. Kaden Clifton

      An entire house filled with people we hated in middle and high school, whould've been a better title.

    39. Glmr Kilz

      These challenges remind me of field day in elementary school

    40. hannah d


    41. Alexis W

      I gotta use that voicemail tho 😂

    42. Avery Lunsford

      Ps5 flex check.

    43. alexandra silverstein

      i wouldn't have survived 5 mins watching this show, thanks drew for this episode of boiling points


      Owen is so hard to watch omg

    45. Zoodl3

      alex said: "two minutes and your votes dont count," count to what? like, they never counted

    46. Zoodl3

      raul is the only chill dude.

    47. julia claire

      jada being ranked the lowest by like 5 people screams racism... like she was literally one of the LEAST threatening (like alex why would you say she 's perceived as a threat what) and REALISTIC people

    48. evestitu_

      literally the only people i care about in this show is jada and raul

    49. hollyobaby

      Wait I actually love that the rankings don’t matter at all. It’s just them showing who they dislike least to straight up fucking hate at the moment.

    50. Jakim Campbell

      It's funny that Valeria's name rhymes with malaria. Coincidence? I think not.

    51. hollyobaby

      Cringing so hard about the coping with vaping I’m so uncomfortable.

    52. Peyton Drews

      Team Raul baby

    53. CNRMAX

      i clicked on this 2 weeks ago and wasn’t mentally prepared to handle the anger it would cause… 2 weeks later i can say that helped nothing

    54. Beatrix

      Raul and Jada were literally the most chill and likeable omg this show is awful i want more

    55. William Payne

      Is the audio off for anyone else

    56. Maxi Ojeda

      Drew I love you!!! I hope yo actually come over to my birthday party, there's gonna be lots of fortnite things for you!!!!!!!!!

    57. NasalFluid

      isn’t this Amanda’s channel

    58. Amara M.

      honestly this must be the new type of real world except they're even less prepared for life than the contestants lmao. you have to be a special type of person to seek this out and usually the ones who do it and aren't the least annoying probably had no clue it would be that insane. why they would do that to all these people is weird lmao like wtf @ what happened w gaby!!! pls keep us upd8d on raoul

    59. Amara M.

      it's hilarious that the black girl was on the bottom and the advice from david was "let your guard down" lmao like ah yes thank you. god i feel bad for her it must have been hard af and you can't ever fucking look normal. she can't express shit. that really upset me. they're all annoying but they're teens but of course she actually put effort into it. and of course raoul is a foil because he also has other things to do! BUT WHY ARETHEY YELLING? i was saving this video bc this show is a fucking mess and i love hearing ppl talk abt it lmao omg WHY ARE THEY SO MEAN?

    60. Dako

      11:40 where are you getting that from? I don't know a single person who doesn't call people

    61. honestly idrk

      alternate title : drew is a secret simp for raul

    62. Eskew Roberts

      Bro, your sarcasm MAKES your content

    63. Amy Wishart

      Somebody got paid to create this 'show.' I'm done.

    64. Violet Creason

      Why do almost all the girls look the exact same

    65. JUST

      yo isn't this the same house that MTV filmed Jersey Shore Family Vacation? I swear

    66. Romeo Singh

      Raul is the best.

    67. Ben McLean

      I am so incredibly happy that I grew up before all this cringy shit was popular. It's not like I was any better, but man all these people seem pretty terrible (except Raul)

    68. Usiris

      No one is gonna mention that we have a dentist and a girl who downs 9 packets of sugar in the same house?

    69. Ana Beatriz Lanaro

      how are these people even real? and they are like... my age! How a 20-year-old still behaves as a bad 15-year-old? so fun to watch lol

    70. L Lawliet

      For as trash as The Circle is, what makes it enjoyable trash is how radically different all the contestants are. In terms of looks, ages, personalities, backgrounds. They’re not all attractive skinny people in their early 20s or late teens. I feel like this makes the interactions between contestants more memorable. Like when this small shy dorky kid became best friends with this loud buff shirtless dude (I think their names were Subaru and Joey).

    71. Henry Neff

      Raul and Jonaton from bestie picks bae need to meet

    72. danny

      i find it questionable there’s only one black woman who’s super whitewashed and was always getting bottom rank😬 oh, and the fact that the winner was a white boy, so misogyny is everywhere i guess

    73. Nero Blackstone

      Raul Menendez

    74. Chip

      How are these people real? They don’t seem like real people (except Raul obviously). I think they might all be aliens.

    75. Lin!Z

      Such a good sarcastic video!

    76. Shubh Verma

      8:15 , flannel king caught me off guard

    77. mischa


    78. But does it Scrub?

      I hope there's a series when they're in their 30s

    79. Nadine

      literally every dude except raul has the exact same musically haircut and jawline

    80. D'jango Markov

      Everyone is talking about Raul but i kind of like Jada lol

    81. KillerGrooves

      That one mean girl is going to get canceled in about 5 years. She’s gonna say or do something horrible and get a ton of blowback for it. But she’ll ultimately be okay because she’ll be making a bunch of money from her nudes on OnlyFans. That’s my prediction.

    82. Fallout Boy

      Really giving the dental student someone who only eats sugar lmao

    83. Marquis de Lafayette


    84. Amanda Rivera

      I can’t get over how much Owen looks like Chicken little

    85. Wilmer Kraig

      The statuesque jeep contemporaneously fetch because jennifer practically crawl given a relieved scissors. debonair, closed distance

    86. chelseaaa

      the voicemail part was so mf funny💀

    87. Beans Mckenzie

      Wheres picture of hotdog shirt

    88. Ryan Dobson

      Raul will be the only successful person to come from this, not because he was on the show but because he has real goals.

    89. Hailee Octavio

      The thin occupation distinctively spoil because act worrisomely fail as a statuesque law. stale, depressed bowling

    90. Travis Teague

      Gen Z is horrible. I wish I could be like Fry and get cryo frozen for 1000 years so I could skip all this shit

    91. No NameLol

      Me who has the name ian :sweats aggressively:

    92. Draymond Green

      I thought these people were all like 15 or 16, and then the one girl is like "you're 21 dude"...

    93. Paul_deadman

      lmafo u have a alliance cheating, so wes cheats on the challenge, paul from bb is a cheater and all survivor players are cheaters

    94. mexican crusader

      They try to be funny, but the dumb shit that they come up with like bags of sugar

    95. mexican crusader

      I fucking hate the word drama, like bitch just fight it out to the death

    96. Ponzoe

      Its just a bunch of spoiled kids who get a tv show ig

    97. Sydney Robinson

      why does raul look like Shawn Mendes???

    98. Lasairiona Scarff

      I just found this guys channel and i already love his humour

    99. FujiWhalez

      Drew is gonna be so happy when they find out there’s gonna be a season 2

    100. Young In

      On behalf of Florida, I’m sorry.