Why Does Pepsi Have a Game Show?

Drew Gooden

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    1. I give you compliments


      1. Jack Wilderman-nielsen

        Love your profile picture

      2. AngryHoboWizza


      3. Nokid83


      4. Anni fish Gallery !!


      5. Michael Haggart


    2. Gabriela B

      I am embarrassed by how long it took me to realize that Pepsi is misspelled in the background. Especially since I was staring at it almost the entire time.

    3. Волк

      I could use a Cherry Pepsi to drink while watching this video

    4. Волк

      "hi" "YOU CAN DO IT, GO!!!!"

    5. Lexya W

      The fact that this was 2 months ago shows Mr that I have completely lost the concept of time

    6. Ava Pulliam

      it reminds me of the hunger games 💀

    7. corn cob

      I read this as "Why "doesn't" pepsi have a show" And quite honestly, why? Why shouldn't it?

    8. Kfeiesnhaenr _-_

      You should watch the pepsi mango dating show

    9. Midnight Raven Queen

      A game show for a mediocre drink that, to me, taste like flat soda when it’s warm. What could possibly go wrong?!

    10. LORD MAV B.M.P

      haven't watched SEprom channels like this since ray William Johnson was hot a hunnit years ago. I gotta say though, I consistently laugh while watching ur stuff, dont think anybody else's whatever these are, are as funny as yours!

    11. Gay DK

      oh corporate Instagram

    12. EntropyOnline


    13. Teri Franks


    14. SpammerOn60FPSツ


    15. Eric Yeager

      Fun fact: The Worlds Largest Slot Machine is 128 feet tall

    16. ItsJetty

      This looks like a tv show that would be popular in a hyper-capitalist dystopian novel.

    17. nmarkert01

      Look up Pepsi Numbers game....

    18. Kneesius Cheese

      I got an admiral casino ad on this video

    19. edwardsajl

      pepsi once had a concorde

    20. Timjor 77

      If there’s no Pepsiman, there’s no reason too watch

    21. Shmomode

      i watched this while drinking a coke

    22. Rabid Hog

      I’m drinking Pepsi wild cherry right now, ironically

      1. Rabid Hog

        @ǰąɲƹŁŁƹ ɦɨŁŁɨąřȡ - great thanks

      2. ǰąɲƹŁŁƹ ɦɨŁŁɨąřȡ -

        How is it

    23. Faust VI

      Coke team!

    24. Ruth Just dancer

      Didn't danny or drew nake a video about fame show hosts who were like pedophiles? Which video is that?

    25. Basquiat_The_Creator


    26. Belinda Elisa

      "Why Does Pepsi Have a Game Show?" Maybe they want everyone to drink Pepsi?

    27. tampa dum tacho

      yes good

    28. Jaelyn Lorin


    29. Jose Noriega

      "Hello, guy... ... Sponsored by Mountain Dew Baja Blast©"

    30. TFG Television

      What’s Black Mirror Drew brings it up a lot and I don’t know what it is Edit: I looked it up It’s a TV show Basically modern Twilight Zone

      1. Flowi 💕


    31. Mizo animations


    32. Adam Robert Rassi

      Slotzilla in Downtown Las Vegas is way bigger than that thing lol

    33. JoshingYou

      Why does Pepsi have a game show? Uh yeah, I sure hope it does.

    34. Patrycja Stanaszek

      Is that Larry from Orange is the new black?- 7:52

    35. ItzTwelve


    36. Adin Tijerina

      What is this the 1950s?

    37. Big Wendigo

      True dystopian game show 👍

    38. We say no to pay to win

      It's like watching a modern day version of the gameshow in Requim For A Dream

    39. Malu Martins

      Is your son… Raul?!?!?!?

    40. Ethereal Collective

      This isn't even a fun base concept. Watch someone else pull a lever and not stop when it's sensical to? That's not a game, that's not entertaining. Family Feud has people answering questions, Deal Or No Deal has legitimate user decision. This is predetermined actions being carried out by some rando with no pay-off. Who they are is so arbitrary, just put em in morphsuits or some shit omg *anything* to make me care about what I'm seeing lol

    41. Devin Samuel

      anybody know the name of that beautiful bagpipes song that plays around 12:50 ?

    42. Kay D.

      Advertisers are doing way too much nowadays. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next decade we see a renaissance of 1950’s style commercials that just talk about the product and why we should buy it. (Hopefully with less racism and misogyny than actual 1950’s commercials.)

    43. Rush 76


    44. Apa.

      Kendall had to apologize because they reduced police issues to something that a can of fizzy doo doo could some how suppress.

    45. Excursion ASMR

      Cherry Coke anyone?

    46. Aliah Duiker

      Ok kinda off topic but WHY did Kendall Jenner have to apologize about the Pepsi commercial. This has confused me since it happened

    47. m k

      Why does my thumb hurt?

    48. Rina Krasniqi

      Best Radiohead album

    49. Mary'd To Keto

      This made me crave a coke

    50. space pegasus

      More like badsi

    51. Fakeye Is shy

      Pepsi is good no bad

    52. Blanca Henderson

      The few fierce icon characteristically separate because streetcar congruently trade through a condemned weed. groovy, sloppy tub

    53. It's Hourtime

      Pepsi is owned by cocacola

    54. CrackerTweak

      The ad reminded me to watch Arrietty, Thank you.

    55. Tristan Sloane

      Fuck Pepsi I'm drinking ginger ale

    56. Landon Hufford

      Why do I suddenly want Pepsi Wild Cherry.

    57. Delicious Diner

      My dad hates this show so much.

    58. BooshBush

      Im drinking Pepsi rn

    59. sunshinbel

      “people are just buying more coke” sounds like a Breaking Bad line

    60. -Insxmnia-

      So nobody's talking about the pespi in the background? ok

    61. Franz Liszt

      The misspelling of "Pepsi" never took so much of attention.

    62. Lucky Ducky


    63. AndersPlays 4710

      I'm gonna drink doctor pepper

      1. AndersPlays 4710

        oh wait

    64. Gak C Sherbert

      Did Drew actually get a vasectomy? It's very important that I get an answer on this ASAP.

    65. Something Funny


    66. Something Funny

      ok danny

    67. I Am The Angie Christ

      Wild Cherry Pepsi is very popular only bc they come in very cheap 36pk 12oz cans and corner stores in lower income areas for 50¢ a can.

    68. no one

      Who's going into the wild to find a pick all of these cherrys?

    69. Forrest O.

      Why does ExpressVPN have a cringe-focused SEpromr show? (I'm catching up on the Drew Gooden cinematic universe, and wonder what your meta-cringe-analysis would be. So many times you seem close to breaking into that meta level, like the repeating joke about ad-supported TV interrupted by ads causing rage and BTW here's my ad!)

    70. mooby

      i am drinking wild cherry and watching cherries wild

    71. I'm A Office Boy


    72. Audrey

      ninky minjag

    73. Bradley Tomlinson

      I got a Coca-Cola ad before video started

    74. Jan Jorgensen

      Omg the SNL Pepsi Ad Sketch nod was amazing and so subtle.

    75. Diana Bernier

      Pespi 🍒

    76. Logan

      Pepsi wild cherry

    77. thejekky_br

      stopped at 3:06

    78. Finn Crossan


    79. Connor Brior

      “Yes” -Gus

    80. WayneFTW

      because pepsi

    81. dimitri

      This is my comfort video.

    82. Santi Soza

      Damn now I really want to try Pepsi wild cherry

    83. Annie Aniston

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    84. clem fandango

      europe 🇪🇺

    85. Color Carnage

      THE prince of Florida!!

    86. Selena Lemiec

      The only thing I learned from this video is that it's actually called Pepsi Wild Cherry, when I've been calling it Wild Cherry Pepsi for years. God, I'm such a freaking idiot.

    87. Xavier Belton

      why not make a Pepsiman series it would do great I would love to see it Netflix original TV-MA violence and pepsi use! get it done!

    88. Cupriferous Catalyst

      I think I wouldn't have ever descended from the trees if I knew that many millennia later we'd be watching a pre-recorded audience cheer at a fake slot machine brought to you by a soda brand.

    89. Aunt bill

      I wonder if at any point in his life Drew was called "Andy"

    90. Kay Lynn

      Bruh. Good video! 👍

      1. Mystery Girl


    91. KeyserSoze26B

      Nope Las Vegas definitely has a bigger slot machine

    92. Stone S

      "Kardashian by proxy" may be my new favorite thing to say...

    93. kissiepie

      While this is over the top and deserves all the dragging Drew gives it, extremely sponsored television is not new. It was pretty common during the early days of television. That's actually why soap opera are called that; they were sponsered by soap companies starting with radio shows and it transitioned to television.

    94. Kenny Frierson

      Just like how drinking cherry pepsi is a gamble on your health this show is a gamble on your will

    95. [ToF] Xman_Bunch 23


    96. Jarod Hillyard

      14:44. isn’t that saying it’s slower with the VPN?

    97. hamfranky

      Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems is such an inspiration.

    98. risunokairu

      Wait is that how you say QR code? I’ve been pronouncing it wrong and it now makes sense the looks people have given me.

      1. ٴ

        @risunokairu oh

      2. risunokairu

        @ٴ QueeR

      3. ٴ

        how have you been pronouncing QR code

    99. corey stark

      The human audience in this multi-million dollar network television show feels more fake than the audiences in bargain bin gameshow games for the wii

    100. AmericanToastman

      14:44 uhhh the expressVPN side is worse in all categories? 😂